Prison closed for a Landais accused of beating his children and wife, facts ‘of rare violence’

With his face closed, staring, the father installed in the box listens as the President of the Court remembers the facts. The 41-year-old man, who lives near Saint-Sever (Landes), is suspected habitual violence, physical and psychologicalto his wife and two boys, from 4 and 8 years oldsince March 2016.

What brings him before the Mont-de-Marsan court this Friday, April 15, are his actions during the last March 13. He spends the day alone with his sons, and when the mother comes home from work, she finds them bruised children, a broken vase, broken brooms and blood stains on several walls of the House. She then takes her children to the hospital and a procedure begins.

The father says he has a black hole

In court, the father is questioned about the course of the day. “The children were angry that day, fighting and not listening to me. I had put a roast in the oven, when I wanted to take it out the door broke, which annoyed me. I just remember beating the guys a few times.” he explains. And throughout the hearing he acknowledges certain facts but downplays them.

“Your kids say they’re scared of you”starts the president. “That’s why I want to get help to understand why I’m like this. Maybe it’s because of my military experience or my childhood.”, replies the family man. It is later revealed that his mother left when he was 11, leaving him with a tough and sometimes abusive father.

Incidents of rare violence

The child attorney and the assistant prosecutor are talking shocking facts, of rare violence. “On March 13, your kids should have said, “Great, we’re alone with dad,” and not let them be spanked from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. One of your sons even said he hid under a duvet in a shack so you wouldn’t find him. They suffer from post-traumatic stress, comparable to children in war countries”, starts the children’s advocate, Me Isabelle Tressard, waving Pictures of the boys, swollen face.

“It was a difficult procedure. We’re professionals, we can’t let emotions get the best of us, but everyone who saw the kids was shocked. _We were on the verge of tragedy_adds the deputy prosecutor Mathilde Marie.

The mother was also a victim of violence

The children’s parents have been in a relationship for more than ten years. They are already living in a registered partnership and wanted to get married next May. The woman had also been subjected to regular violence for several years. Last summer, Her companion had even tried to strangle her by banging her head against the walls before pushing her into the bathtub.

Yes, there was an electric atmosphere at home.”he agrees. “And yet you wanted to get married, did you find your situation normal?‘ asked the assistant prosecutor. “I didn’t ask myself the question. I tried to stop drinking so the problems would stop.”She answers the quarantine. Because it is mainly when he was drunk he took it out on his wifemore “just because she hit me before” he justified himself.

From prison

When questioned during the investigation, members of the family’s entourage explained never had any suspicion of acts of violence on the part of this father, cook in CDI, owner of his house. The children’s teachers, on the other hand, admitted that they had already noticed it “spots on face”.

The man was found guilty by the court of Mont-de-Marsan, sentenced to 24 months in prison 12 of them with a probationary period of two years. He must remain in custody, has a He was deprived of his duty of care, a ban on contact and the exercise of parental authority. He also has to compensate his companion 2,000 euros for moral damage.

There is also an investigation underway, this time against the mother, who is suspected of regularly slapping and hitting her.

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