Priority education: “Béziers is at the heart of all existing systems”

Christophe Mauny, Head of Department of the National Education Services, takes stock.

Can you tell us about the Rep and the Rep+ in Béziers?

There are four networks, i.e. four universities and 22 schools. So 60 to 70% of Béziers students are in a rep. It represents a volume. And we pay attention to the sector, especially to school attendance and absenteeism monitoring. There is a mobilization here from the sub-prefecture and the city hall.

Béziers is the center of all existing systems: the duplication of CP-CE1 is 100% installed and we are still opening duplicated Grandes Sections at the beginning of the next school year, 100% in 2023. The training offer is important: classes with flexible hours and a international section opening at Samuel Paty School and Krafft College in September.

The Educational City* label obtained for Béziers ville in 2021; the digital transformation of education (TNE)…

What can be said about teachers Rep and Rep +?

They are very dedicated people and we see stability in their workforce, even if it’s not easy, with an accumulation of difficulties. They have no specific training outside the math and French plan, but within the network the necessary tools can be identified and there is local training on the ground. The network makes it possible to give them real attention. And an analysis of the problems and the results.

There is no typical profile but we consider volunteer work and we rely on experience, that is teachers who have already built their professional practice: sequence preparation, class group management … For divided classes to increase from 22-23 students to 12, review practices.

Co-teaching can also be determined by the teachers themselves, according to need groups, with freedom in the pedagogical design.

How are families integrated?

Compared to favored areas, school codes are often not integrated. This requires parental support with more explanations of what is being done beyond schoolwork. The close bond is very strong in the first course, as each teacher knows the contact person for each student. In college it’s more complicated, even if there is a main teacher. Studying is the first step towards emancipation, there is a lot of work with the managers of the companies. In high school, surveillance is even more complicated.

Strictly speaking, high schools are not included in the Rep and Rep+ devices. What happens next?

There is a continuation with other devices, an orientation formation, for example, also on the professional path. The accompaniment is not of the same kind, but it exists, determined in part by the teachers. It’s a different relationship with the child. We will pay more attention to the organization, for example, taking into account sleep and food.

What is your relationship with the city of Béziers?

Relationships are very fluid and constructive. The city is actively involved in education. For example, the mayor is very attentive to the equipment.

The Rep and Rep+ of Béziers


Katia and Maurice Krafft Middle School: Les Oliviers Primary School, Les Oliviers EMA, Les Tamaris, Les Arbousiers, Les Romarins and Les Amandiers Primary School and Kindergarten. Paul-Riquet College: Gaveau-Macé and Riquet-Renan primary schools, Cordier primary and nursery school, Carnot and Balmigère nursery schools.


Henri IV College: Sand, Mairan and Mandela Primary School, Ferry and Michelet Nursery Schools. Jean-Perrin College: Jean-Jaurès Elementary School and Kindergarten.

*Education City: Institution for intensifying the educational care of children from the age of 3 and young people up to the age of 25 before, during and after school.

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