Preventive action in Bourges to encourage parents to limit their children’s screen time

This mother from the Moulon neighborhood of Bourges has two young children aged 6 and 4. “Is TV every day?!” she admits. Wednesdays, weekends. And after school. It’s complicated, especially for the big ones. And the little one watches TV with her…” Not easy to turn off the screen. “They don’t accept. “With a 3-month-old baby also monopolizing this mom’s days, “TV frees up my time. If I manage to be available, I say stop. »

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The case of this mother in the Grande-Meaulnes nursery in Bourges is not isolated. Screens have conquered the everyday life of the youngest. The health crisis and restrictions have only exacerbated this phenomenon. This was observed by the Mother and Child Protection (PMI) of the Cher departmental council, which, together with the Addicto Cher and Rivage associations, organized the experimental campaign “Abuse of screens” in three kindergartens.

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It can lead to difficulties with attention, concentration and language development.

A parents’ café organized on Friday on the Grand-Meaulnes site made it possible to take stock of the challenge “Take off your sneakers, put away your tablet”, an excuse to do prevention, give advice, tips to try to distract children’s eyes of screens.

Because the studies are unanimous. Screens are not beneficial for three years. And needs to be very supervised after this age. “They affect young children,” warns Marie-Noëlle Bouchet, socio-educational moderator at the Addicto Cher network. The brain is not mature enough. It can lead to difficulties with attention, concentration and language development. »

balance concept

Screen overload saps learning capital. This representative of the association also points to the monopolization of parents through their own screens. “Parents find it difficult to set boundaries for their children. We need to re-ask real parenting questions. Screen time has exploded in every household, although children from disadvantaged backgrounds have been hit harder.


For Sophie Bertrand, vice-president of the Cher departmental council responsible for children, “these workshops allow mothers to talk to each other. We must continue these moments of prevention in all areas. This other mom of three — ages 16, 9, and 5 — managed to put her on a screen diet during mealtimes. “It was especially this complicated moment,” she explains. But even we parents, we didn’t set an example. Now we have switched off the cell phones at the table. » bonus

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The message from Mother and Child Protection, which has published a prevention guide, “is not to demonize screens. Saying “no screen 3 years ago or even 6 years ago” is not feasible, says Marlène Clavé, service manager at PMI. With a weekly planner, we wanted to go through the notion of balance by balancing screen time with other activities (exercise, manual labor, games, homework, reading, etc.) to skew towards more activity. » Another initiative “On the way to the Internet: immediate access” from April 2nd to 16th in Bourges Nord will also make it possible to learn more about digital uses in a playful way.

Also in the Machereaux and Louise-Michel kindergartens.

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