Presidential 2022: The program by Anne Hidalgo

Anne Hidalgo, candidate for the 2022 presidential election, wants to respond to “the social, environmental and democratic emergency” in France. Your social-democratic program insists on purchasing power, school, health, but also on the “necessary ecological change”. He puts the costs of his program at 50 billion euros per year.


The Socialist Party (PS) candidate wants to raise the minimum wage by 15 percent and repeal the unemployment insurance reform. She wants to introduce penalties for companies that do not respect equal pay for women and men and extend paternity leave to 16 weeks, six of which are compulsory.


Anne Hidalgo wants to gradually bring teacher pay to executive levels, starting in the early days of her career. She also intends to remove Parcoursup and launch a mixed plan to end the college ghettos.


If elected, the PS candidate will put an end to the “hospital society” and accounting control of healthcare spending. It wants to train up to 15,000 new doctors every year, as well as 1,250 midwives and 25,000 nurses and nursing assistants. A year of professionalization as a medical assistant is created for interns in medical deserts.

purchasing power

Anne Hidalgo wants to set up an income-related minimum youth program for young people aged 18 and over and provide each new adult with a capital of 5,000 euros. The VAT on fuel will be temporarily reduced and an additional housing allowance will be created so that no household spends more than a third of its income on housing.

As for housing, the candidate wants to introduce a new system of energy renovation so that households do not have to pay advance costs for the works. Every year, 15,000 new social housing units are created and rent controls are generalized in narrow areas.


Anne Hidalgo wants to keep the retirement age at 62 and restore hardship criteria. A minimum age of 1,000 euros is introduced. A public service to support the loss of autonomy will be created, as well as an early childhood service to increase the supply of crèche places.


If elected, the socialist candidate wants to create a solidarity tax on climate and biodiversity wealth and include a commitment to fight global warming in the constitution. She also wants recognition of the crime of ecocide.

Public subsidies to companies are awarded according to social and environmental criteria and the goal of 100% renewable energy is pursued. However, the nuclear phase-out will not be rushed. A million additional electrical connections are created.

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