Presidential 2022. Education: Compare the programs of Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron

From this Monday, December 6th, the mask requirement on the playground applies again.
Discover the proposals of Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron on education. (©Florian Puche/Journal de Vitré)

The first round is definitely over. The candidates for the French Presidency are there once again to meet and try to persuade people to vote for them. Marine Le Pen (Rallye National) headed to Yonne on Monday 11 April, then Vernon to Eure on Tuesday 12 April, while Emmanuel Macron (La République en Marche) headed north on 11 April and 12 . drove into Mulhouse.

As they wait for the ballot boxes to announce their verdict, offers you every day, until the end of the campaign, Friday, April 22ndto compare candidate programs in infographics.

Education, training and teachers

This was taken care of today Education, training and teachers.

To create this article, we relied on the official program of the candidates, which is also broadcast for all French people.

Feel free to zoom in and switch between the candidates.

Marine Le Pen program

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  • Put the teaching of French, math and history back at the heart of the programs.
  • Restoring the authority of the school institution by introducing a uniform in elementary and middle schools while sanctioning absenteeism and rudeness (suspension of family allowances and school allowances).
  • Eliminate the bureaucracy of national education to free up funds.
  • Increasing the number of lessons for elementary school students.
  • Planned doubling of large section and prep classes.
  • reduce class sizes.
  • No more school closures.
  • Overseas France Pedagogical Contingency Plan.
  • Generalizing video protection in all secondary schools.
  • The Blanquer reform of the Matura is repealed.
  • Create a monthly training voucher of 200 to 300 euros for trainees, working students and their employers.
  • Increase teachers’ salaries by 3% per year.

Program by Emmanuel Macron

  • Increase French and Math hours in Elementary and 6th grade.
  • Put math at the common core of high school.
  • More sport: 30 minutes a day in elementary school from 2022, 2 hours more a week in middle school.
  • Continuation of the split lesson.
  • Generalize the teaching of computer code and digital applications from grade 5
  • All children will discover several professions, including crafts, from 5th to 3rd place
    techniques and manuals.
  • Internship times are increased by 50% and young people are paid.
  • Open up additional study places.
  • For teachers who accept it, new tasks and correspondingly increased salaries.
  • More freedom for institutions in their internal organization, for hiring part of the teaching staff.

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