Presidential 2022: At 48, this dad will be voting for the first time

Aged 48, Philippe will vote for the first time on Sunday.
Philippe, 48, who lives near Dieppe (Seine-Maritime), will vote for the first time this Sunday 2022. (© At 48, Philippe will vote for the first time on Sunday.)

It arrived in the mail a few days ago. A brand new voter card. The first for Philippe*.

While the latest polls predict a record abstention rate of around 30% in the presidential election, this resident of Dun Valley, near Dieppe (Seine-Maritime) has decided to vote this Sunday, April 10, 2022. For the first time ever… at the age of 48!

“Abstention is valuable for everyone”

He had never taken the plunge before. “I wasn’t even on the voter rolls,” he says. Not that politics doesn’t interest him, no. But on the contrary. Philippe even describes himself as rather committed. He says he follows every campaign, reads the press and listens to the audio debates. “It’s just that no party really appealed to me politically until then,” he continues.

Admittedly, he “found himself more in the proposals of some candidates than in others, but they never managed to convince me”. Vote for a small party in the first round? “I didn’t really see the point,” he replies. And in the second round? “I didn’t want to vote by default, block. And even fewer empty votes because it’s a vote that’s not being considered, which I find very unfortunate,” he said.

As for the abstention? He believes it’s about “giving value to everyone, that is, parties that I don’t support at all. Hence my decision not to be entered in the voter lists.” Until January 15, 2022. On this day, Christiane Taubira announces that she will run for office.

A candidate who appeals to him

So, for the first time in 30 years since he was old enough to vote, Philippe sees “in this woman of integrity, upright in her boots, who knows the history of her party, her country and her origins,” a candidate who talks to him .

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“During the debate on marriage for all, she struck me with her tenacity. She never wavered when she suffered despicable personal attacks. She was exemplary. Whether we are for or against marriage for all, we cannot take that away from him. She’s a damn fine lady. I wanted to believe it, but maybe I got carried away a little too quickly.”

Philipfirst time voter

A bit quickly, because enthusiasm is followed by disillusionment: “She couldn’t make up her mind soon enough. She didn’t know how to gather on the left,” he regrets. And above all, her first intervention as a candidate “clearly shows that she was not ready yet. »

Deceived and caught

Five days before the first round of the presidential elections (the interview was conducted on Tuesday, ed.) Philippe said he felt betrayed: “I have my voter card, so yes, I will vote on Sunday. But I feel trapped because I can’t vote for a program out of conviction. At 48, I will vote against extremes for the first time.”

The only consolation for this father: He will go to the polling station in his village with his son, 21, and his daughter, 18, who are also going to vote for the first time!

*assumed first name

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