Pregnancy: what happens in the eighth month?

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When does the eighth month of pregnancy begin?

the 8 months starts the 31st week of pregnancy (33rd week of amenorrhea). Your baby is growing and growing in your belly, its growth is not over yet. On the other hand, space in its cozy nest is limited for weeks.

How do you feel 8 months pregnant?

When your baby starts to tighten a little in your tummy, on your side you feel heavier and heavier. And that’s perfectly normal! Do you know about the fetus, amniotic fluid and placenta? Your uterus weighs about 4.8 kg ? Everyday actions – walking, bending over, driving a car, climbing stairs – become more difficult. Then there is the (too!) frequent urge to urinate – thanks to the uterus that presses on the bladder! – and the difficulty falling asleep.

Labor in the 8th month of pregnancy

While it’s perfectly normal to have contractions in the 8th month of pregnancy these should be painless and infrequent. “In tighter labor, your doctor will look for changes in the cervix that may herald preterm labor through a vaginal examination, or better yet, an ultrasound measurement of the length of the cervix (vaginal ultrasound), explains Professor Bernard Hédon, co-author of The Big Book of My Pregnancy. In this case, they can prescribe home midwife monitoring and a work stoppage, allowing you to rest for a few days to reach a milestone.”

Heartburn, insomnia: the little ailments of the 8th month

In the last trimester of pregnancy it is common to suffer from it stomach pain. These are due to compression of the stomach by the uterus. To limit them, try Split up your meals (eat several small meals a day) and Avoid eating foods that are too acidic or spicy. You experience difficult sleeping ? Do not worry. Between your big belly making it difficult for you to find a comfortable position in bed, the moving baby and the questions racing through your mind (will I be a good mother, how is the birth going, will I take the pain ?): not easy to sleep! To help you fall asleep, don’t hesitate stroll during the day or to go swimming. You can also drink a cup of herbal tea (orange blossom or linden) before bedtime and lie on your left side to promote better venous return. When you lie on your right side, your uterus and baby are pressing on large vessels (aorta, vena cava), which can disrupt your blood flow.

Can you get pregnant in the eighth month?

It is about prematurity when the child is born less than 37 weeks of amenorrhea. According to the association, SOS Préma are held in France every year 60,000 babies are born prematurely (about 165 per day). If your baby is born in the 8th month of pregnancy, it will be considered medium premature and you will both likely be transferred to a Type II maternity ward that includes: a neonatal department.

Which investigations are to be carried out?

The 6th Prenatal Visit

Penultimate prenatal counseling is an opportunity for the gynecologist-obstetrician or midwife to check that there are none pregnancy complications. For example, the doctor will look for signs of high blood pressure – headache, hand edemaof the face ringing in the earsetc – can suggest a pre-eclampsia. The visit then continues with a general clinical and gynecological examination. “The vaginal examination is not systematic,” warns hospital midwife Sandrine Brame. But some patients are more reassured when they are examined.”

Consultation with the anesthetist

Mandatory, the Consultation with the anesthetist must be performed during the 8th month of pregnancy. “Although this appointment is mandatory, it absolutely does not oblige you to do so an epidural anesthesia, continues Sandrine Brame. This merely allows you to fall back on it as needed if you feel overwhelmed by pain or a possible complication arises during childbirth. For example : a cesarean section “. During the consultation, the anesthetist will ask you questions about your health and background, allergies, etc. He will check your blood count and also examine your back to make sure there are no difficulties or contraindications Placement of an epidural anesthesia.


What belongs in the pregnancy suitcase?

In the event of delivery earlier than expected, it is advisable to have yours completed pregnancy suitcase from the 8th month. In addition to the things for the day of your delivery:

  • Nightgown open at the front to go “skin to skin” with baby right after birth,
  • administrative and medical records,
  • fogger,
  • mobile phone charger,
  • a pair of flip flops to walk the hallways,
  • books, magazines, tablets to keep yourself busy,
  • Bodysuit, pajamas, socks and hat for the baby,

For the further stay in the maternity ward, you must also take precautions:

  • comfortable clothes
  • your toiletries (mild soap, shampoo, a little makeup to look good in the first photos of the birth album!)
  • from sanitary napkins as well as disposable panties (we’re coming back for the glam!) to avoid sacrificing your pretty lingerie.
  • from them nursing bras if you want Breastfeed your baby.

Are you afraid of forgetting something? No panic. Some mothers offer a detailed list Things to pack in her maternity suitcase.

maternity leave

the maternity leave begins the 34th week of amenorrhea (32nd week of pregnancy). If you feel fit and would like to continue working, you can very well ask your gynecologist or midwife to postpone part of your pregnancy leave (maximum the first 3 weeks) to your postpartum period.

It’s time to…

  • prepare yours pregnancy suitcase
  • Massage your perineum. Don’t hesitate to ask your midwife how to do it. This perineal massage, performed with a vegetable oil (sweet almond oil type), makes it possible to soften the perineum and facilitate childbirth.
  • Finish decorating the baby room
  • Start your maternity leave!

baby side

What is the normal weight of an 8 month old fetus?

At the beginning of 8 monthsbaby weighs 1.7kg and measure 40cm. It quietly continues its growth in the heat. Of the 32nd week of pregnancy (34th week of amenorrhea), his Lungs are mature. At the beginning of the 9th month he weighs 2.3 kg, measures 43 cm and is ready to see the light of day.

What if the baby is breech?

Your baby has not turned upside down and is presenting itself headquarters ? If no anomalies are detected –fibroma, Ovarian cyst, problem in the baby that interferes with its rotation or even abnormal position of the placenta – Your gynecologist can offer you one execution. This gesture, performed in the maternity ward, consists of trying to turn the baby, presented through the seat (that is, buttocks down), in order to lower his head to the usual position of a normal birth. “The version occurs through manipulation of the fetus through the abdomen by the obstetrician, specifies the National College of French Obstetricians and Gynecologists (CNGOF). After checking the child’s position (by palpation and/or ultrasound), the obstetrician’s hands Help the fetus stand on its head. Abdominal manipulation can cause temporary discomfort, even pain, which must then be reported to the obstetrician.” In the event of failure, a second version attempt may be offered. Faced with a breech presentation, some moms choose to have one Caesarean section ; other from a vaginal delivery depending on a fairly wide pelvis of the future mother, a good bow of the baby’s head and a fetal weight of less than 3.8 kg.

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