Pregnancy declaration: when, how and why?

Since announcing your pregnancy, you may have become accustomed to appointments and physical exams. However, what you might not know is that you also have to officially declare to social organizations (CPAM and Caf) Your pregnancy. A procedure that must also be carried out if you want to remain discreet.

Who issues the pregnancy notice?

Either way, the declaration of pregnancy is not a complicated step and nothing to worry about. she’s coming back to your doctor or to the midwife who follows you, and who then fills out a special form in your first trimester. There are two forms of declaration.

Via an electronic process

In this case, the specialist, doctor or midwife meets directly online the pregnancy declaration and sends it electronically to your health insurance company and your family benefits office (Caf).

Via a paper form

However, the physical version still exists. It consists of filling out a paper pregnancy declaration in three parts titled “First Prenatal Medical Examination”. To report your pregnancy, you must complete and send your personal information:

  • the pink department at your health insurance company,
  • the two blue fields to your family cash register (Caf).

When should this declaration of pregnancy be submitted?

It is advisable to report your pregnancy before the end of the 3rd month of pregnancy., either before the end 14 SA (weeks of amenorrhea) of the expected date of pregnancy in order to benefit as quickly as possible from the support of your course by the maternity insurance.

Delayed pregnancy declaration: what are the consequences of the delay?

Be assured ! Whether you discover your pregnancy late or whether you have missed the usual deadline for reporting pregnancy, No punishment will not apply to you. On the other hand, a late declaration has the effect of Delay care and assistance put in place. It is therefore advisable to make an appointment as soon as possible and to submit this declaration to your gynecologist or midwife after the three months have expired.

Why is it important to report pregnancy?

Pregnancy declaration is a mandatory step in the course of pregnant women to claim a serene and “safe” pregnancy in the coming months.

  • To benefit from onen Monitoring throughout her pregnancy. After receiving the pregnancy declaration from the doctor, the Social Insurance Agency sends the mother a document detailing all the details Rights and medical appointmentsduring her pregnancy. The important document also mentions the beginning of her pregnancy as well as the specified dates of maternity leave.
  • To avoid delays in payment of benefits and Practice full third-party payment. Namely that you benefit from a from the first day of the 6th month of pregnancy 100% coverage and no upfront costs for all your appointments (dentist, cardiologist, ultrasound, etc.)
  • To benefit from numerous legal advantages as an employee after the declaration of pregnancy. We think of them Protection against dismissalthe adjustment of his post or a reclassification.
  • Because in some companies, pregnancy also entitles you to do so conventional benefits.

Should I update my vital card?

In fact, it’s important to remember to update your vital chart once the pregnancy declaration has been taken into account. Thanks to her and your declaration in good and due form, you are entitled to ita third party payment for all Nursing care 100% covered by maternity insuranceexcept for any additional fees charged by certain specialists.

Unlike the declaration of pregnancy, the pregnancy certificate is not systematic. but it can be useful for Inform your employerbut also to take care of other everyday steps, e.g Application for nursery registration or the demand for social housing. The pregnancy certificate will be given to you upon request during your consultation.

A follow-up set up on

If you haven’t already done so, you should consider opening an account on the website. After the pregnancy declaration has been made, you can then use the service ” You are expecting a child » available in your Prevention pane. This personalized service allows you to receive practical information on the progress and monitoring of your pregnancy month by month.

When do you have to report your pregnancy to your employer?

Attention sensitive topic better to know on your fingertips. Above all, be aware that the law does not impose no special shape notify her employer of her pregnancy: the pregnant woman can communicate this verbally or in writing at her discretion.

In the public domain

The agent, officer, trainee or contractor must compulsory declaration of pregnancy to the human resources department of his administration, respecting the legal deadline, iebefore the end of the 4th month of pregnancy.

In the private sector: know your rights

In a private company, the pregnant woman is not legally obliged to notify her employer of her pregnancy. The law requires only from the employeeInform your employer beforehand when she goes on maternity leave. However, the reality is a little different: it is important to make an appointment with your employer to let them know Customize your workspaceto be absent during her monthly check-ups, to exercise her rights negotiated by her agreement and then to organize her absence before she leaves on maternity leave.

Looking for a job

It is also good for the gynecologist to know that the pregnant woman, like the current employee, is not required to mention her pregnancy during an interview for a permanent contract or CDD.

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