Portrait of the artist collective Magenta, a family and the music

It is impossible to introduce you to this collective of artists by playing the 7 Families game, because in the Magenta family, the roles are divided! She finds herself centered around a common project: music. the latest album, monogramwas released in 2021. The mystery surrounding this family deepens: we won’t be able to describe it to you physically, it performs with masked faces.

Magenta in different temporalities

Flashback between 2010 and 2015. A group made our hearts and bodies vibrate: FAUVE ≠. A family that even then was made up of artists from different worlds: music, video, photography… and music that rang in our ears and pierced our hearts. Produced several albums including old brothers, which was very successful. A string of concerts then followed before the collective announced their final date at the Bataclan on a Saturday night, September 26th, 2015.

But no time to lose for the collective! Two days later, on Monday morning, they were back in the studio working on new projects. A work inspired by the French touch, electro – the music of her youth – far removed from her original register. Several years of work, doubting, learning and questioning followed.

Timeskip. It’s Wednesday 23rd October 2019 to be precise and the sun is breaking through the clouds in Paris. The musical release of the day: the title enough?, of magenta. An electro intro, beginning head movements… then a voice! Words that go straight to the heart and at the end a musical loop where our bodies can let off steam. We’re immediately adding this title to our playlist, which marks the beginning of a new adventure: that of Magenta.

Why such a transition?

To understand this transition, you have to understand that the heart of the story, the heart of this family, is not the music but a friendship. A collective that needed to spice up their lives again, a bit like a couple trying to get out of a boring routine. The desire for change, to put oneself in danger!

“When we finished Fauve, we didn’t ask ourselves what would be best for our careers, for music, or for success; but what was best for us as people and as a group.”

While we were still busy listening to Fauve’s album old brothersThe collective didn’t take any breaks. The Magenta Project is part of a form of continuity. What took up the collective time was producing music that they were genuinely happy with. A whole apprenticeship followed, a relearning of music, this time electronically.

But what then changes and what does not change?

A passion that never changes! In Fauve’s music, as in Magenta’s, we discover a stubborn side. A genuine passion resides within the collective; a passion that touches us, makes us cry and dance.

“What doesn’t move is the therapeutic, obsessive and control freaky side.”

What has changed is the material. It all used to start with a text, around which Fauve set acoustic melodies to music. Today the process is reversed: everything now starts with clay.

Magenta in three adjectives

Passionate. Passion remains the keyword of this project! A family, a creative process, an evolution, a work, a music project that “dances and thinks”: These are all things that make Magenta what it is. Her feelings after her very first scene as Magenta perfectly illustrate this passion. “Incredible luck!” These are her first words.

“It was really good for us to finally get feedback on our work.
We felt good, in our place, in tune.”

Concerned. You won’t have missed it! This collective’s music conjures up themes that affect most people, such as the title fatiguewritten the day after the assassination of Samuel Paty.

Violent. As a statement on the state of the world, Magenta’s music, wrapped in catchy and dancing beats, is violent. This applies even more to the collective than to Fauve. In her opinion, there is no ray of hope today, no glimmer of hope, as Fauve expressed it. “It may seem very radical, but that’s how we express ourselves,” affirms the collective.

Why “collective” and not “group”?

First of all, a factual reason: There are not only musicians in this collective. We can also find graphic designers, videographers, photographers… All in all, everything to do with artistic work! The second reason is that there is no hierarchy in this family. Everyone must agree to the proposed projects, at the risk of not doing so if necessary. Within the collective, unanimity is therefore essential. The fact that nobody has a ‘fixed position’ and things that need to be validated individually, but that everything is done collectively can sometimes be a source of tension, but that makes the final work totally collective.

What does a tag with magenta look like?

It’s simple, there is no such thing as a typical day! In this way, the collective goes from an editorial day to a composition day in one night. However, one thing remains commonplace: the outpouring of artistic material in the studio. In her workshop you will find pictures, graphics … always with a sound in the background and a running coffee machine. In the evening nobody is there anymore. The collective ends the day in small bars, “hanging out and seeing what happens”.

Interview by Celeste Gentilhomme

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