PORTRAIT. Elise, French boxing champion: a family history

Elise Legros, 17, is a French 2nd series boxing champion in combat. A title obtained after years of competition and above all an environment focused on French boxing. A real family story. In early April, she will take part in the French Assault Championship, which will be held on April 23-24, 2022 at the Halle Carpentier in Paris.

In my early years of competition, I was always very happy to win, but I was almost always ‘scolded’ by the referees and my coach because my shots were too strong.”. These words come from Elise Legros, a young woman who got into boxing at a young age.

Seeing her brother and father boxing practice caught Elise’s interest. His father was champion of Val-de-Marne, Ile-de-France and France, youth category. His brother Romain was French champion in 2016-2017, junior runner-up in 2018 and ten-time Breton champion. Cmeets my brother Romain train that I wanted to follow him and then I liked it….

His parents therefore registered him from the age of 6 at the Ploërmel martial arts club. Here she puts on the gloves for the first time.

His first competition at the age of 7 is already promising.

I remember my first attack. I was pretty nervous and didn’t really understand the situation, so I asked a lot of questions. Once in the ring all questions disappeared. I boxed as always.

His opponent is the same age, but nothing can stop him in the ring. “I remember my dad being in my corner and telling me to slow down and hit less hard!”. His opponent finally surrenders in the second round.

“By the time I was 12-13, I could go to boxing galas and fights with my dad and brother. I wanted to see boxers like Alan Berrou!
I didn’t really want to fight, but I really admired these boxers.”

Given his playing qualities, his mentality, his entourage introduced him to the fight very early on.

In 2018, Elise entered the minimal category. For the first time she has to take part in the French championship in Narbonne. This is his first defeat and his first big disappointment.It was in Narbonne and I was 13 years old. II got third. I lost two of my four attacks. The first fight, I wasn’t really into it and too stressed. Then the last one, where I was disqualified due to a technical error, 15 seconds from the end…”

Elise is extremely disappointed, especially since she doesn’t think her disqualification is deserved.Most Here I learned that it is not necessary to leave room for chance and not leave the choice to the jury in order for me to win. It taught me a lesson! The following year I won the French championship!”

His father adds:From that moment on, Elise understood that everything was a question of mental and physical balance. Now when she steps in the ring, she seems more relaxed, confident and smiling.”

Given the minimal French Championship 2019 in Boulogne-sur-Mer, she is 100% there “Jup toThere I practiced boxing, like many little girls dance. The years 2018 and 2019 were very intense in terms of my education and commitment. With my brother we had fun and said: “We eat boxing, we sleep boxing, we live boxing” “

The importance of her entourage is an essential element for the young master. I watched my brother win his first two French championships. I think that inevitably influenced my desire to do the same. My grandparents are also passionate boxers and follow it closely. My father was always my coach and therefore very dedicated. Especially this year he accompanies me once or twice a week to the Gant d’Hermine in Vannes to see my trainer Michel Mouth for the fight. He is also very present on a daily basis for my physical preparation, my nutrition and above all a great support in the most difficult times.” The break caused by the Covid pandemic has been a difficult year for the young girl. In this health crisis. Elise wasn’t able to defend all her chances in her junior class but kept training every day while waiting for the resumption. Michel Mouth wasn’t worried, he confirms:Elise always has a positive attitude. SHer simultaneously toned and relaxed physical qualities, fluid game and very good muscle quality make her a winner, she is definitely a hard worker.”. Fighting resumed in January 2020. Elise won the Brittany Championship as a youngest and her big brother Romain won the Brittany Championship as a senior.

November 2021, Elise, then France Assault runner-up, meets in the final a 36-year-old woman, multiple world champion in the category in combat. But for EliseAge does not matter.” His trainer Michel Mouth tellsShe held up her opponent and everyone had eyes for her. She was about to cause a surprise.” The young girl bows with honors to the world champion. At the playoffs in Paris for the final of the French Fighting Championships, she won her four fights in one weekend. For Michel Mouth there is no doubt:

For her age, Elise has an exceptional mental approach to boxing, which is an anxiety-provoking sport. She has an emotional mastery that channels her fear and makes her happy to step into the ring as it shows. She has her emotions under control. His desire to win is definitely stronger than his desire to lose.

michelle mouth,

Elise’s trainer

In January 2022, she won the title of junior French champion in fight boxing in Grenoble.

In everyday life, the young girl combines her career as a top athlete with her studies. She is now a final year student moving towards Economics and Management Studies at the University of Vannes. Having joined the French boxing club in town since September, I can continue my training without any problems“. Privately, the young champion is sweet and smiling, with a cheerful temperament. Her years of boxing have given her confidence and maturity.

I have made rigor and discipline my rule of life. I prioritize my training over trips with my friends. I live my moments of joy first thanks to sport and then I share my victories with my family and friends.

When asked what his dream is”to become world champion!!!” she responds with a burst of laughter. Today Elise, the future world champion, is preparing intensively for the 2022 French assault championships in Paris in April.

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