PICTURES. A well-attended All in Blue day in the Beaucamps-le-Vieux priority education network

Liomer Elementary School volunteered for the game, accompanied by Mayor Colette Michaux.
Liomer Elementary School volunteered for the game, accompanied by Mayor Colette Michaux. (©The awakening of Neufchâtel)

“We try to sensitize the parents through the children. We also want them to understand how lucky they are to have running water.”starts Colette Michaux, the mayor of Liomer on this day in honor of water. “It’s about getting the label for sustainable development and there are also souvenir campaigns. It’s a unifying act that leaves an impression,” adds Dominique Leconte, inspector of national education for the Amiens Sud Ouest district.

World Water Day takes place on March 22nd. It’s a celebration that emphasizes the importance of fresh water. This day is also part of the Kindergarten’s Academic Week dedicated to Education for Sustainable Development. The REP of Beaucamps-le-Vieux, including Hornoy-le-Bourg, Liomer and Senarpont, wanted to take part in this celebration through their schools and college. On that day, each student was encouraged to dress “all in blue” (or wear at least one piece of blue clothing: hat, scarf, etc.) “to demonstrate their commitment to an education that prepares them to behave responsibly and respect the Values ​​of the Republic”. This highlight will contribute to the REP (School or Establishment in a Global Approach to Sustainable Development) “E3D” marking.

“Everyone played along”

“The aim is to implement the REP project and thus obtain the famous label for sustainable development”, says Nicolas Donneger, headmaster of Hornoy-le-Bourg primary school and REP coordinator. And to add: “Everyone played the game, it’s great”.

Photos below from the schools:

Primary School Hornoy-le-Bourg
Primary School Hornoy-le-Bourg (©Nicolas Donneger)
Primary School Beaucamps-le-Vieux
Primary School of Beaucamps-le-Vieux (©Nicolas Donneger)
Nursery of Beaucamps-le-Vieux
Nursery of Beaucamps-le-Vieux (©Nicolas Donneger)
Senarpont Primary School
Senarpont Primary School (©Nicolas Donneger)

Other measures were also implemented in the five affected establishments. In Cycle 3, students explored the blue planet, the water cycle and a lesson called ‘Let’s save water’. In Cycle 2, during the year, water in the home was given special prominence. But also the water in nature or its transformation. A sea class is also planned.

In cycle 1, the children had the opportunity to witness the work of a beekeeper, particularly as part of the SAM (Academic Week of the Kindergarten). They also created totems using recycled plastic and metal items. Trinoval came to explain to them how waste recycling works. Workshops around the vegetable garden and vegetables were set up as well as the creation of scarecrows. Finally, over several cycles (5 classes from cycle 1 to 6), the project “Leash of the Sea” with the association SOS Laisse de Mer and the artist Sophie Hélène, accompanied by the DAAC (Academic Delegation for Cultural Action), has made it possible for the children to educate on this strip of debris that was deposited on the beach depending on the tides. An educational global project for the students of the region.

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