“Physical education should be suitable for everyone”

“Physical education should be suitable for everyone”

At the university, the number of employees in the field of staps-adapted exercise and health is growing steadily, while at the same time the boundaries between the worlds of disability, sport and health in society are becoming increasingly permeable.

Claire Brugier

Raising awareness of adapted sport and disabled sport among as many people as possible is the aim of the national day organized by Staps student offices across France, including Poitiers, on Wednesday. “ We want to show that sport is accessible to everyone, regardless of disability, but also to highlight the difficulties that people with disabilities can face in their daily lives. », explains Leylena Rouger, a student in Staps.

At the university, Adapted Exercise and Health (APAS) has been part of the program of the Faculty of Sports Science for around forty years. The growing workforce in the industry testifies to the importance of health sports, which can be the subject of a doctor’s prescription since 2016. “Last year we had 107 studentsexplains Xavier Joubert, physical education teacher. When I passed the Apas license in 1992, 70% of the Staps students were enrolled in Education and Motor Skills.. Today, the workforce between the two sectors is almost balanced. »

In immersion

“In the APA we are not concerned with the performance, we address the human being as a whole, even if we come back to the physical side, sums up Xavier Joubert. The teacher intervenes with those who cannot or do not practice physical or sporting activity under normal conditions and who have special needs. » Blind football, sit basketball, wheelchair volleyball, during their three-year license the students try out the disciplines and become familiar with them “All categories of disabilities, motor, sensory, mental, social, age-related. » They must also conduct internships with vulnerable populations.

Within the IME Pierre-Garnier, Grégory Sedek welcomes them every year. “I want to show them the reality on the ground,” explains the physical education teacher, interested in building bridges between all actors, training, stakeholders, associations, federations… “Last week, for example, young people from IMEs Pierre-Garnier and Moulins served at the Tennis Open, others are participating in a UNSS dance project, the middle school marathon… Physical education classes should be suitable for all. I don’t prepare athletes, but one can serve the other. Collective striving can push anyone to surpass themselves, but it’s all about appreciating what everyone can bring out of themselves.” emphasizes the teacher using the example of Thomas Guillot, regionally adapted sports champion in table tennis.

National Day of Sport and Disability, Stand Place De-Gaulle in Poitiers, Wednesday 9am to 5pm

The university supports disabled people

In it, the University of Poitiers has developed a service for the disabled, with speakers in each UFR, including sports science. ” Last year, 27 students were accompanied (on temporary or permanent facilities) on the stepsspecifies Oriane Marcon, the speaker. Many students do not know that the individual support continues after high school for theoretical and physical courses, be it with a recognized disability, but also with a one-off accident such as a torn ligament, chronic illness … »
Contact : accueil.handicap@univ-poitiers.fr.

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