PHOTO with wife Miriam Chantal, What he “can’t do anymore”, “Arthrosis, sciatica…”

Roch Voisine has just celebrated his 59th birthday. When asked by Paris Match Belgium, the singer opened up about the physical pains he suffers from that have come with age. The opportunity for his companion to congratulate him on his birthday in the most tender way…

Roch Voisine celebrated his 59th birthday on March 26th. At the beginning of his sixties, the famous singer ofHelen still seems to be in great shape. butwould the ex-athlete begin to physically feel the weight of age…Age isn’t just in the mind“We may be in good shape,” the father assures, “as we get older it becomes harder for us to get up in the morning, especially if we were great athletes like me. Osteoarthritis, sciaticaetc You have to accept the reality.‘ he confided to the pillars Paris Match Belgium. And to add: “Everyone has to learn to live and grow old, to listen to their body. I, he speaks to me And there are things I can no longer do.”, he claimed.

Despite the recent physical pain he has endured, Roch Voisine does not envy today’s youth. “I have 16 and 18 year old boys, I don’t want to be in their shoes‘ he confided in him.We can understand them when they tell us: ‘Have you seen the world you are leaving us?’ It’s not just my generation’s fault, because it all started long before that, though it is indeed very worrying“, He apologized.

Roch Voisine, father of three children

Roch Voisine is the proud father of three children. his elders, 18-year-old Killian and 16-year-old Alix-Elouanare two boys born of his previous marriage to Myriam Saint Jean.

In July 2020, the former sports commentator returns to fatherhood and welcomes a baby girl named Lily-Dorina, born from her relationship with Myriam Chantal. Being a father at 50? The singer didn’t pout his joy. “It’s a joy to be a father again. We are lucky we have a beautiful little girl who is healthy, energetic and adorable.” he confided in me.

Who is Miriam Chantal, the partner of Roch Voisine?

In 2011, the 59-year-old singer met Miriam Chantal. The young woman, 26 years her junior, was a waitress at the time a restaurant that Roch Voisine visits regularly. Amoroushe decides to try his luck.I ended up giving him my phone number. From my driver to avoid bothering him and chatting with his colleagues‘ he told the magazine Gala. Since, The lovebirds live a beautiful love story.

Miriam Chantal: her tender statement to Roch Voisine

Eleven years later The couple is still swimming in happiness. Miriam Chantal wished her daughter’s father more than just a declaration of love for her birthday in the most tender way. The young woman published a snapshot on her Instagram account where we see her Ski outfit built into a wooden heart with a bird’s-eye view of the mountain. A subliminal message for those who share his life.

A few weeks earlier, Miriam Chantal had also shown her her sweet and tender lover“To mark Valentine’s Day by posting a snap of the couple embracing.”Jeeeee t’aiiiiiime! “, we could read in the caption.

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