PHOTO Large families: A member of the Galli family was the victim of a serious accident

This Tuesday, March 29, 2022, Florie Galli is running for office Large families: life in XXL used her Instagram account to break bad news. His son Arthur was the victim of a serious accident.

Family life is not always easy. TF1 has been airing the show since July 2020 Large families: life in XXL which follows the daily lives of extraordinary tribes. A program that brings together many viewers every time. And for this new season, the chain has decided to put the small dishes in the big ones by calling on six new families. But sometimes some go away and then come back. This applies in particular to the Galli family. After a year’s absence, she decided to return to the program.

A decision she justified in the columns tele leisure December 13, 2021: “Filming can be very tiring and sometimes things happen like a child falling or more complicated situations and you might not want to be filmed all the time. We had to find our intimacy, just keep to ourselves, she says. After all, the images that are shown on television every day expose us to some criticism. It’s hard to take sometimes when we step forward to really show our daily lives.”

“I heard screams”

So they decided to make their comeback on the show. Big families for a very specific reason, as he confided in the rest of the interview: “When TF1 offered to come back, I agreed because it’s a human adventure with super important events that stay engraved. I also wanted to benefit my community, even though we already do it on Instagram, by sharing these fond memories of filming.” Instagram, Florie Galli uses it a lot. And with good reason, she doesn’t hesitate to share moments of her daily life that may or may not be joyful. This Tuesday, March 29, 2022, it was bad news that she announced on her account.

And for good reason, his son Arthur was the victim of an accident and was taken to the emergency room: “While I was giving the baths, I heard screams and indeed it was Arthur who had just been stung by an Asian hornet. He had gone to his room. A nightmare ! I was a bit panicked” She begins with an explanation. “We quickly gave him Doliprane. We put a cold product on the bite. When he got stung on his foot, he couldn’t walk.was really terrible. He cried, he screamed and it always hurt him a lot. So I quickly called Bastien, then he took him to the hospital. They told him that there was no allergic reaction, but that the sting was indeed often very painful and that he would have trouble putting his foot down. Tomorrow he won’t be able to go back to school.” Finally everything is back to normal!

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