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Emmanuel Macron's Presidential Program: Pensions, RSA, Education... The Executive Summary

MACRON PROGRAM. In the race for a second term, Emmanuel Macron wants to gradually retire at 65 or even extend the culture pass. But what other measures does the candidate want to implement during his five-year term? We take stock of his program.

Emmanuel Macron hopes to be re-elected for a second term as head of state. On Saturday April 2, he held his only campaign meeting in Europe’s largest enclosed space at the Paris la Défense Arena in front of nearly 30,000 people. The presidential candidate had developed the ideas he wanted to implement for his five-year term. He described the first ideas he had given, among other things about education, retreats or culture during a press conference on Thursday March 17 at the Docks de Paris in Seine-Saint-Denis. Its program is now public and available in its entirety.

Regarding energy, he assures us that France can become the “first great nation to emerge from independence on gas and coal” by betting on it Energy mix of nuclear energy and renewable energies. It also advocates energy saving and Energy renovation of 700,000 homes per year In addition to promoting the use of electric cars. The question inevitably leads to climate and on this point the candidate is pleased that greenhouse gas emissions have fallen twice as fast as expected.

The outgoing president wants to make school a priority in his second five-year term. On fundamental issues, he intends Increase the hours of French and math in elementary and 6th grade, but also Put math at the common core of high school. Emmanuel Macron wants to continue that Doubling of classes in priority education, it extends from CE2 to CM2. He wants too increase training hours with 30 minutes per day in elementary school from the start of the next school year and 2 additional hours of physical education per week in college.

As for the teachers, two weeks after presenting his program and making a speech against them that was seen as brutal, this time he gave them a round of applause. Even if the candidate said he was against a general upgrade, he was willing to do so provide twelve billion euros over a period of five yearsto pay teachers better. Emmanuel Macron wants to make a “pact” with them: the teachers will receive salary increases if they accept “new tasks”, which will be determined in a consultation at the beginning of the five-year term. The candidate also insisted Teachers who would be “freer”.to propose new methods, to innovate, to experiment, to try other methods in the classroom and to be able to share them”. Teachers will also be “free from their careers”, they will be “free to set up a facility for their choose a unique educational project, and to break away from the geographical movements that sometimes associate them with a residence”.

Regarding the pension reform, Emmanuel Macron says he has changed his project since 2017 confirms the postponement of the age of majority to 65 stating “to take into account long careers” and “the reality of occupations and duties”. According to the OECD, it ensures that the pension deferral is accompanied by a better participation rate among seniors because this forces companies to adapt.

Emmanuel Macron focuses his efforts on Work and education. He wants to develop university autonomy and, above all, speed up research to make France attractive in this sector. Vocational training could be more numerous and open to companies in order to offer quality training and ensure the rapid integration of students into the world of work. Pôle emploi is also affected by this reform and would be transformed into “France travail”, ie the meeting of all skills to better support jobseekers. Another reform in the same direction that the RSA: Emmanuel Macron wants to submit the payment of the RSA against the obligation to continue 15 to 20 hours of activity enable professional integration.

The outgoing president acknowledges in the preamble to his program: “Too many citizens do not have access to culture”. With that he proposesCreate a 500 euro culture pass for all 18-year-olds” and “dopen libraries Evenings and Sundays”. Also for Emmanuel Macron, “the international influence of our artistic life is running out”. He therefore plans to “invest in the French creative and cultural industries by creating a dedicated investment fund of 200 million euros” through the support of the Creation through public artistic commissions and the protection of copyright and ancillary copyrights. In the face of competition from platforms, the head of state relies on a different strategy than his competitors: “the conditions for the emergence of a “European Netflix” presents the best of European cinema and series”.

Emmanuel Macron’s program follows three guides that represent candidate Emmanuel Macron’s three major ambitions: to make France an independent nation, to be a united and just society, and to respect the republican pact. Here are some of his suggestions:

  • To become an independent nation, the La République en Marche candidate relies on France’s ability to defend itself and plans to reinforce the army to better adapt it to new challenges and new threats. He also promises to keep going Increase in the Department of Defense budget as he did during his first five-year term. Independence is also the ability to meet one’s food, energy, health, and other needs through improvement in manufacturing, agricultural, and industrial policies.
  • As for the united society, it is the will of the President fight against inequalities Being socially oriented, it also aims to improve the inclusion of people with disabilities, especially children with disabilities, in school by improving the situation of companions of students with disabilities. It has once again made gender equality a goal of its program, with better management of women’s health, like its program for endometriosis, and single-parent families, which are often female.
  • When it comes to health, Emmanuel Macron a “massive reinforcement” in medicinal deserts and a new distribution of simple tasks to buy doctors time: nurses and pharmacists could, for example, renew a prescription. In nursing homes, Macron’s program promises to hire 50,000 caregivers and nurses.
  • The Republican Pact bundles the reforms of the Security, judicial and administrative aspects. Significant recruitment is envisaged with the creation of 200 gendarmerie brigades, the increase in police personnel, but also the recruitment of 8,500 judges throughout France. Among other things, the pact would ensure simplification of procedures, the reduction of file processing times and the review of the effectiveness of sanctions. Administration will also be “drastically simplified”.

If you want to know more details and see all the actions proposed by candidate Emmanuel Macron, you can find them online on his campaign page. You can find his program here.

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