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A family outing is an unforgettable experience: discover our tips for organizing your trip efficiently.

Traveling is good: Traveling with others is better. And when you can do it as a family, it’s simply the best of the best! Bonds are cemented, personalities are revealed, and memories are permanently imprinted in the minds of members of your tribe. However, a family outing cannot be improvised: it is important – sometimes even vital – to be well prepared.

In fact, we provide you with a summary of best practices to follow when organizing your stay. Safety, nutrition, operational advice, adaptation to the environment, duration, activities, itinerary ideas: we have left nothing to chance. Just follow the guide and you’re good to go!

Traveling with the family: ideal for instilling a spirit of discovery in your children

Traveling is browsing, discovering, feeling and appreciating the world around us. This is all the more true for children, who often enjoy new experiences. Traveling as a family ensures they are infused with positive values ​​in the company of the people they love best: you, of course! For the little ones, traveling means having completely new experiences and adventures.

traveling with the family

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The first trips to your holiday destination; the first sunsets; the first bivouacs under the stars; the first sensations of surpassing oneself; first loves, sometimes; the first miracles, briefly. Whatever the intended destination, from the nearest to the farthest, a change of scenery is guaranteed. This total, temporary paradigm shift leads to an increased open-mindedness that is anchored forever.

A family trip enables you to convey the essential, existential values ​​to everyone. Immersing yourself in foreign cultures, for example, is a way out of the comfort zone that you have meticulously arranged for children. Customs, food, skin color, clothing, cities and natural landscapes sometimes have nothing to do with their everyday life.

A highlight for our little travelers to meet children of the same age who don’t live like them. And so their similarities, their differences… and sometimes fully realizing the benefits of modernity and western comfort. In addition, brothers and sisters (re)discover each other on a family trip and the emotional bonds are all the stronger.

This often turns out to be an opportunity to solidify them while radically changing the way they live together. Only positive things that also last at home!

Carefree travel with children? It is possible !

Traveling with your toddlers requires more specific preparation than traveling as a couple or with friends. The keywords for a family outing are: anticipation, organization, relaxation! First, on an administrative level, make sure you are fully compliant with the laws of the countries you are going through.

traveling with the family

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Did you know that children traveling outside the European Union must have their own passport since 2012? Or, if you are traveling alone with your children, that some countries require proof that both parents have approved the trip?

If in doubt, provide a photocopy of the family register, both parents’ passports and a signed power of attorney. Are your tribesmen’s vaccinations up to date? Have the necessary medications been prescribed for the entire duration of the trip? Does your doctor recommend supplementary health insurance? Inform yourself carefully: It is too late on site…

You know your kids better than anyone: bring their favorite blankets and toys. It will sometimes be necessary to discuss and explain to them that a game console is not the best option during a hike in the middle of nature … For the little ones, take the necessary practical items, food and hygiene. Baby carrier, nappies, bottles, powdered milk, drinks… Also, bring enough clothes with you.

On the plane, because of the air conditioning, a blanket or a good sweater is often welcome. And even for a family trip to the tropics! Also note that children are often more sensitive to jet lag or altitude. Choose your goal and its duration carefully, and of course, take into account the age and stamina of the whole family. To help you, below are ideas for varied itineraries to help you with your choice. And on to the adventure!

Some holiday ideas for a successful family outing

Family trips in total freedom

A family trip without a guide? It is an ideal solution to keep your independence during your stay. You will progress at your own pace, taking the time to traverse fantastical regions with those around you. Our partner Allibert Trekking offers à la carte stays adapted to the needs and abilities of your family members. Reduced rates for children are practiced to encourage parents to share their holidays in the great outdoors with their little ones.

Freedom trip for family

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We will particularly appreciate the variety of itineraries on offer: there are several hundred in all corners of the world. This allows you to easily choose the destination, the duration, the activities practiced during your trip, as well as the type of accommodation and transport. The level of difficulty is carefully determined for each course and you will receive expert advice. All you have to do is vote!

You can do a 3-day family outing in Haute-Savoie between Annecy and the Bauges massif. Accessible for children from one year, ideal for combining hiking, bivouacing and swimming! Courses at the Mercantour are also set up for an initiation into wildlife observation. The Loire by bike, from 2 years old, takes you along easy and safe cycle paths along the châteaux for four days.

Continuing on, the discovery of the Aeolian Islands in northern Sicily represents a route interspersed with ascents of majestic volcanoes. The islands of Milos and Kimolos, among the most secret of the Cyclades archipelago, are revealed in 8 days from 6 years. In winter, kids will love nights in Finnish chalets and traversing Santa’s village. With reindeer sleighs, of course!

Original family stay with a donkey

Donkeys are stubborn but still fun! This extremely affectionate, intelligent animal proves to be an impressive travel companion for crossing mountains and valleys. Persistent, he never complains and loves hiking. That’s good, Allibert Trekking offers you unforgettable excursions in his company. These atypical family outings allow children to be closer to nature and animals.

This fun and educational activity is available on many French routes. It is aimed at children between the ages of 5 and 8 and parents who want to get a breath of fresh air.

Family outing with donkeys

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In addition, the donkey has many advantages for those who appreciate the benefits of slow tourism. He doesn’t pollute, willingly carries luggage and walks…slowly. Just go at your own pace while contemplating amazing natural landscapes!

Among the routes offered by our partner, why not try the Stevenson path? It is a famous hiking route that connects the south of the Massif Central to the deep Cevennes. Accompanied by your animal, you will complete its most beautiful stages in six days.

You can also cross the Camargue and enjoy different activities during your trip. Tree climbing, kayaking, treasure hunts will embellish your progression between the Gardon Gorges and the scrubland. Children will be thrilled to see European beavers and Bonelli’s eagles before they reach the Mediterranean Sea.

Rather mountain? Then do part of the mythical Tour du Mont-Blanc. The route crosses three countries: France, Switzerland and Italy, sharing an exceptional natural site. In the south, in the Eastern Pyrenees, little explorers spend three nights in tents surrounded by nature. You will visit the Bear Museum with caves and farms full of fascinating animals.

Family stay with child-friendly guide

79 trips, no fewer: that’s how many family stays with guides Allibert Trekking offers. These escapades allow your family to learn all about the regions traversed. The advantage is to use the knowledge and skills of an experienced guide.

This type of stay offers children a lot of fun and educational experiences in addition to its practical and safe side. You will be able to learn about good ecological practices, learn everything about the fauna and flora of each natural space and learn useful techniques to develop calmly in the midst of nature.

Family outing with a guide

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When it comes to routes, you are spoiled for choice: geographical location, duration, activities, type of accommodation… Of course, France is honored with varied routes. Plains, coasts, mountains and valleys are to be discovered or rediscovered in the four corners of France. Our partner also puts together more exotic tours worth checking out.

In Morocco, travel through the dunes of Saredrar on a camel to discover fossils from the Sahara. Kyrgyzstan, an unknown territory, uses its disproportionately large steppes to the greatest delight of children big and small. The experience of nomadic life on horseback is unforgettable. Costa Rica, which you can explore in 14 days, is a family excursion full of impressions: hiking, boating, rafting, snorkeling, crossing suspension bridges…

Beautiful feelings in perspective. This time, return to Europe with the summertime discovery of the gorges of the Sierra de Guara in Spain. Or, still in Iberian territory, this leisurely trip to Mallorca with nice swimming and kayaking sessions. In the far north, Finnish Lapland is revealed from June to September during a simple raid punctuated by unusual experiences. Hiking circuit in Madagascar, discovery of volcanism in Iceland, lagoons of Zanzibar…

As I’m sure you understood, the hardest part is the choice. Your children will be delighted!

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