‘Our experience has value’, new strike by educational assistants (AED) still awaiting formalization of their CDI

Education Assistants (AEDs) responsible for supervising students in colleges and high schools continue to mobilize to demand more job security and better working conditions. Testimonies from AED on strike in Besançon.

“Educational Assistants ≠ pions”. This Tuesday at the Jules-Haag-Gymnasium in Besançon, all the guards went on strike and banners flapped in the wind under a beautiful spring sun. This national movement, supported by a large interunion formation, started at the end of 2021 and continued on the occasion of a new day of strikes this Tuesday, March 22nd.

Essential personnel, educational support staff (AED, AP and APS) must deal with improper employment and salary conditions. denounces the Sud Education union.

Indeed, AEDs, also called supervisors or more vulgarly “pawns”, are subject to specific contract rules with job instability and low salaries. However, their function is essential to provide the link between the students and the management of a school institution. During the Covid-19 pandemic, their duties increased even without salary increases. The AED are almost 2,500 in the Academy of Besançon.

Camille Robbe-Saul, educational assistant at the Jules-Haag-Gymnasium, is a striker. She tells us that after six years of good and loyal service, she is about to be released and will no longer be able to work as an AED. In fact, the status of educational assistants currently provides for an extension of the CDD for one year, up to a maximum of six years. However, she would like to continue her professional activity while waiting to receive her CPE competition. “We do 6 years, then we’re thanked and we leave with nothing. However, our experience has value, we want to keep following our students… We implement a lot of things with them. It’s quite frustrating.” she explains at the microphone of our journalist Stéphanie Bourgeot.

The AED wants access to the CDI and needs guarantees for the next school year. While a decree validated the receipt of the permanent contract for the AEDs, its implementation is slow.

Today very few students are AED. In general, there are many mothers with children, people in vocational retraining. The CDI would give us a start of status and less precariousness. We just got the right to a CDI but the decree is still not coming. So we have no certainty for next year’s contracts.” confirms Igor Nadal-Iniestola, SUD AED representative at Roulans College.

On Thursday, February 24, MPs in the National Assembly finally passed a law on school harassment. This text provides for the permanent employment of AED personnel after 6 years of CDD.

“For us this work means a lot. We are really passionate and would love to continue beyond the 6 years” concludes Emmanuel Humbert, also AED at Jules Haag high school, also waiting for his contract to become permanent to finally benefit from a well-deserved professional stability.

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