Olivier de Benoist: “My children saw the show and they all took a lawyer”

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He never tires of talking about his family. On Wednesday, March 30th, comedian Olivier de Benoist will present “his youngest” on the stage of the Municipal Theater of Castres. Maintenance.

Unveiled through the “On n’demande qu’en rire” program, Olivier de Benoist has come a long way since then. Stage, television, radio, cinema… From birth to adolescence, through upbringing, he now speaks of his “little youngest”. A show where his biting humor hits the mark.

“The Youngest” is a show about your children?

Yes, it’s a one-man show with a general theme, kids. In my previous shows I’ve talked a lot about the couple, about my mother-in-law… And here I am attacking my children. In this one man show I even found a school “the school of lexomyls” to help parents take care of their children, assuming that these schools really exist… It is often said that today’s parents are bad parents are … But me, I brush everything. Having a child is not a disease, we can laugh about it. We can say that we are fed up with our children, it is not very serious.

Your wife, your mother-in-law, and now your kids… The goal is to get angry at the whole family?

It’s true that I live in a hotel now because I’m blacklisted at home (laughs). Above all, however, this springs from a unifying wish. I want to make everyone laugh, so you need topics that appeal to everyone, like couples, children… We all have our opinions, it’s a general topic.

Exactly, how do you go about being original on a topic like this?

During work ! The theme isn’t original, but the way I’m handling it is the axes of my show. When I study tears or even the child’s place in the family, it’s original. All frames are original. I’d be less amused doing a show about shale gas… I think I’d lose more people.

Your show was created in 2019, have you adapted it to the news since then?

Yes, we always adjust it. The pandemic obviously also relates to the presidential election. But overall it remains a timeless spectacle. Children, it remains timeless. I also have it developed according to the places I play. In Castres I’m learning about the city and putting on a show that I’m doing locally. To make people say to themselves, ‘Ah yeah, that’s what happens at my house! “. I prefer to work like this. People are delighted with it.

Coming to the Tarn for the first time?

In Castres, yes. It’s the first time and I’m very amused. This city is associated with a rugby club for me, but I’m sure there are many other things. After that, yes I know the tarn. In 10 years I’ve probably made 1,000 dates, so I’ve played in places that are not far away.

We see you on stage, in the cinema, on TV… Do you have a preference?

To be honest, yes, I have a preference. I’m a big fan of the scene. I think it’s still there where you can do whatever you want. The live show is still the strongest. It’s nice to make films, it’s very glamorous with the red carpet, the glitter… But there’s nothing better than playing 1h30 on a stage in cities like Castres. 1h30 is the duration of a movie, but here you do everything by yourself. You’ll find many comedians returning to their first love, the one-man show. Here we have this feeling of getting a lot. We give you laughter, applause… There is a real exchange, a real energy. And I really like life on tour.

Have your four children seen the show?

Yes, they saw it… And currently they both have hired a lawyer. So I will keep touring because it’s expensive. And they all ask me to pay…

Wednesday March 30th at 9pm at the Municipal Theater of Castres. Information on 05 63 71 56 58.

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