Oise-Paillart: The Bistrot Trouvailles, a family affair

Marie-Pierre Vroman and her sons Matthias and Hector start a new life by taking over the village café. You have many projects in mind.

A café atmosphere as we like it. The doorbell rings at regular intervals to let active and retired people in. Some stay a few seconds just to buy a pack of cigarettes or a scratch game. Others, like this villager, have the time to take their time. Sitting comfortably at a table, she sips her black coffee while reading Bonhomme Picard.

Behind the counter, Matthias walks from the tobacco section to the bar section, smiling.

His mother, Marie-Pierre Vroman, is now in intensive talks with a supplier.

Since April 5th at 7am, Marie-Pierre and her two sons Matthias and Hector have started a new life by taking the reins of the Bistrot du Coin, which has been renamed Le Bistrot Trouvailles.

Why the fund bistro?

The new name of the house appeals to: “Actually, we wanted to create a concept with second-hand objects and furniture. When I came back with items, I said, “Another find‘ explains Marie-Pierre Vroman.

The black English-style sofas, refurbished old tables, chairs from the 1940s and 1950s, updated chandelier legs with pretty LED lamps give the shop a cozy atmosphere. Hector, the family’s creative, has arranged the furniture and will be helping his brother over the weekend. Outside, the sign designed by a friend echoes the claimed style.

Make it a meeting place

Marie-Pierre Vroman worked for the Relais Assistantes Maternelles in Breteuil-sur-Noye for several years.then I resumed my continuing education studies before applying for the post of director of the social center of Auneuil. My education has led me to want to develop a joint project with my children. Matthias had experience as a bartender, I in management. We wanted to stay in the countryside and be part of its revitalization, recreate friendly places, give people the opportunity to settle down, to feel comfortable. We found this cafe which we liked..

Huge potential

Marie-Pierre and her sons were supported by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry to carry out their project.

The potential is immense, especially with a huge area to develop on the side of the building. “But first we want to expand the food market with convenience and regional products wherever possible.”

To understand customer expectations, the Bistrot des Découvertes team launched a mini survey on sticky notes. The pensioner, sipping her coffee, confides: “I’d like milk, tin cans, coca drinks”.

Mathias, Marie-Pierre and Hector also want to offer snacks based on local products.

Newspapers including Bonhomme Picard

In the Bistrot des Découvertes there is also a newspaper section with Bonhomme Picard, accessories for smokers (cigarettes and e-cigarettes), games from La Française des jeux. The cafe also deposits and collects Mondial Relay packages. Still a UPS relay, it offers a local payment offering to pay for taxes, fines, canteens, creches and hospital notices. Without forgetting the bread depot and the opportunity to have fun with old board games recovered by the trio des Bistrot Trouvailles.


Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 7 a.m. to 8 p.m

Friday: 7am – 10pm

Saturday: 8 a.m. – midnight

Sunday: 10am to 10pm


03 44 48 36 03

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