Nogaro. Guillaume Maio invites himself into the Gers motorsport family

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Bodybuilder, rider and team manager in Castelnau-d’Auzan… Meeting Guillaume Maio, who left Alsace to live in Gascony.

Guillaume Maio expands the narrow circle of active Gers pilots. At these Easter Cups, he hopes to “be in the top 10” in the Clio Cup. At noon yesterday, his eighth time in free practice this morning made him hopeful of achieving that goal. With Guillaume, Gers Motorsport also gains a team boss. In fact, the GM Sport team is the work of Guillaume. He created it alone and since 2013 he has co-directed it with Eric Giverneaud. At 35, a young father for a year, Guillaume Maio is a newcomer to the Gers. He always lived and worked in Alsace, his homeland, before a job loss drew him south. “I was employed in the body shop. After my release, I joined a friend’s body shop in Condom. There I found out that there was a body shop for sale in Castelnau-d’Auzan.”

“Deep In My Passion”

From now on, Guillaume runs his workshop and his team in this adopted village, about thirty kilometers from Nogaro. With a background in recreational karting, Guillaume competed in car competitions as a teenager. And from the age of 18 he had to take part in the Peugeot Sport Meetings with his first racing car, a 206 RTS! Since then he has continued to expand his team and has repeatedly donned the pilot’s suit. “Autosport is my passion, I give everything”.

GM Sport rents out some cars for races, but also takes care of “customer cars” that also need to be prepared, any repairs, transport to the racetracks, etc. Of course, Guillaume also drives his GM Sport vehicles. This weekend there are 3 Clios “hatched” by GM Sport on track. Among them the Mr. Formula 1 piloted by Julien Fébreau on Canal Plus.

The confidence of Renault Sport and Julien Pébreau

“Julien is invited by Renault Sport, who asked me to take care of the car. I see it as a great vote of confidence from both Renault and Julien,” emphasizes Guillaume Maio, who also has a Ginetta GT “in reserve”. “I’ve driven it with a customer for the past few seasons, but for the time being there is no question for GM Sport to play in the French GT-4 Championship. It requires too much budget, with Eric, my partner, we don’t want to jeopardize GM Sport by having eyes bigger than our stomachs. Our problem, like that of many teams, is of course a financial one. At the moment the Clio Cup and some other disciplines are at stake, but GT 4 is too much money. means to commit to our artisanal structure”.

Good artisan driver and good artisan team manager, Guillaume the Alsatian from Castelnau-d’Auzan will therefore experience these Easter cups by aiming for a place in the top 10 and hoping that the other two Clios with GM Sport logo (that of Julien Fébreau “and that of Michel Faye, who was my first client”) will also evolve at the top.

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