“No”, “shabby”, Alexandre Astier sharply criticizes National Education

Alexandre Astier has been a passion for more than two decades. caamellot, Asterix: Realm of the Gods, The Exoconference, works that have allowed this talented artist to shine in many areas. And while Astier recently revealed the filming date and duration of Kaamelott: Part Two (Part 1), The actor-director also lingered during an interview about his children’s schooling and took advantage of the moment to slam the national education.

a family history

Accustomed to television sets, Alexandre Astier was found on the show Alongside on behalf of Canal+, on March 25th. The opportunity for actors and director to return to the first part camelotits success, filming anecdotes and above all the sequel that fans of this universe born in the early 2000s are impatiently awaiting. Astier was quizzed on many subjects on the set of the Canal + show, and he also dwelled on a personal topic: his children.

Father of 7 children (Jeanne, Ariane, Neil, Ethan, James and Aaron plus Isaac, his youngest child from his relationship with Luna Karys), Astier tries to spend as much time as possible with his small tribe. In order to see her as often as possible during filming, his children are invited to accompany him on the film sets. After rather minimal roles in the series camelotsome of his children were able to enjoy bigger roles Kaamelott: First part. Ariane and Jeanne Astier again shared their facial features with those of Mehben and Mehgan, daughters of Karadoc and Mevanwi, when Neil Astier, already the interpreter of a child Arthur in Books IV and V, was seen here in flashbacks depicting his character , a teenager, joined the Roman Legion.

when the critics merge

A strategy that allows Alexandre Astier to spend time with his children while sharing his passion for directing and acting with them. And on the set of the show Alongsidethe actor was asked about her upbringing. Astier, who experienced boredom at school in his day, wants to provide his children with an exciting education, even if it means bypassing the traditional National Education system:

“As soon as their backs are full, I take them with me, I pay for their tuition at home, or they do some kind of parallel school, whatever they want. I’m real, be careful. I’ve had inspections from the academy, which has never found anything to complain about anywhere else. All is well.

As soon as I sense that there is something where learning becomes something where they no longer understand why they are doing things. The first CP day [de Jeanne]in the morning I take it and say to it: “You’re going to learn to read anyway, that’s cool! You will be able to read stuff. In the evening she returns. She says: ‘Dad, I have to do my homework or I will be scolded’. It sucks! It’s a shame. It’s pathetic. min capable”, chanted Alexandre Astier.

Reviews that are not new. Astier had repeatedly underlined the “absurdity” of the current system. Alexandre Astier’s idea is not aimed at teachers, but at an educational system that is considered too rigid and geared too much to the evaluation of knowledge that is considered necessary.

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