New program to improve access to services for pregnant women

The My Pregnancy program was just launched by the Quebec government to support pregnant women.

March 7, 2022 | The Quebec government just launched a program to help pregnant women quickly find a healthcare professional and gain free access to services tailored to their needs. The introduction of provincial pregnancy notification was one of the first recommendations of the Laurent Commission report.

Updated March 8th

The program my pregnancy allowed pregnant women Fill out a form available online as soon as they find out they are pregnant. The form is then sent to workers in their area to determine each woman’s needs.

Demand fulfillment and better planning services

Pregnant women who will have Service needs will be contacted by a CISSS or CIUSSS representative in your region. For example these:

  • who do not have a doctor for their aftercare;
  • who are going through a difficult situation or need help;
  • who need food stamps;
  • who want to find out about free services in their area.

However, all pregnant women are asked to fill out the form. as this could contribute to better planning of prenatal services in Quebec.

The health insurance card is not required to fill out the form. Pregnant women without a RAMQ card will be referred to the necessary services according to their situation.

Prevent complications during pregnancy

By quickly identifying mothers with special needs and giving them access to the right services, the program my pregnancy hopes to reduce the risk of complications during pregnancy and thus have a positive effect on the development of the children.

In addition, it isa good time to inform expectant parents about the offers in their area. In fact, after filling out the form, pregnant women will receive a message informing them about the free services offered in their CLSC, such as: B. prenatal meetings and breastfeeding support.

Registration: My pregnancy
The form is available in 11 languages ​​and interpretation services can be provided if required. Women who have difficulty completing the form can call their CLSC and a member of staff will fill it out for them.

Late pregnancy follow-up for multiple women

In Quebec, 24% of pregnant women do not benefit from pregnancy surveillance on day 1is trimester. Approximately 21% received initial follow-up during week 2e trimester, 3% during the third and 0.1% had received no follow-up. In addition, the proportion of women who died during the 1stis quarter in Montreal 31%, in Bas-Saint-Laurent 12%.


Sources: Ministry of Health and Social Services and CIRANO


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