Netflix reveals the end of the Byrde family in “Ozark” Season 4 Part 2 trailer

Good and bad news for fans of one of Netflix’s most popular drama series, namely ” ozark “. We’ll start, of course, with the good news that the streaming platform just revealed Trailer for the second part of season 4of the series to be released on April 29, 2022 . The bad news is that fans will most likely have to say goodbye to themFamily stressin these last seven episodes. In fact, the trailer reveals to us that it’s the end for Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy ( Laura Linney ). So the biggest question in these final episodes is: can the Byrde family escape (almost) unscathed?


What do the final episodes of this fourth season hold for us?

As you may already know, Netflix has decided to split the final and fourth seasons of the series into two parts. ozark“. The first part, released earlier this year, was also a hit as we knew that the third season ended in 2020 and left us with a huge cliffhanger. However, fans can now rejoice as the second part of season 4of Ozark, consisting ofseven episodeswill be available on Netflix fromApril 22, 2022.
Also, the platform just unveiled the trailer for the final episodes, which should likely bring an end to Marty and Wendy’s story.


Keep in mind that the series’ story follows a family who moves to the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri to set up a money laundering scheme. However, she gets into trouble when the local mafia takes notice of her. This new trailer for the latest episodes shows that the rift between Marty and Wendy is widening. In fact, the wife encourages her husband to finish what they started, especially at this stage when everything is almost finished. However, Marty’s crisis of conscience may take over after coming so close to facing his own death. And that’s not all, because another important element was revealed in the trailer, the character of Ruth (Julia Garner). This one launches into murderous madness right after discovering the bodies of Wyatt ( Charlie Hold) and Darlene ( Lisa Emery ), which Ruth was specifically trying to save. She has now become the prankster of these final episodes, as she only stops if someone kills her, as Ruth herself says at the end of the first part. So will Marty and Wendy survive or not? The answer can be found on Netflix in April.

Who will we see casting this second part?


In addition to the return of Laura Linney,Jason Bateman andJulia Garner the second part of the 4th season of ozarkwill feature the entire main cast for the last time. We will therefore find on the screen S Ofia Hublitz, Skylar Gaertner, Jessica Frances Dukes, Felix Solis, Damian Young, Alfonso Herrera, Adam Rothenberg, Richard Thomas, John Bedford Lloyd, Joseph Sikora, Bruno Bichir, CC Castillo, Katrina Lenk, Bruce Davison, Ali Stroker andVeronica Falcon. Remember that the series was created by Bill Dubuque (The Judge) and Mark Williams (Honest Thief) for a first airing on Netflix in 2017. The series also won three Emmys and was nominated for several other awards throughout the season.

A Farewell to Ozark, the Netflix gift for fans of the series

In addition to announcing the release of the second part of the 4th season of ozark , Netflix also unveiled a sweepstakes that is sure to please fans. In fact, the streaming platform will host a special 30-minute program titled ” A farewell to the Ozark“, a “love letterto Ozark and the fans to celebrate the end of the series that started in 2017. It’s a massive retrospective that takes viewers behind the scenes of the show’s final year of production.

It will also explore the story’s origins, characters, and achievements, and provide insight into the series’ legacy. The showwill be available the same daythe arrival of the second part of season 4 on the platform. Enough to tell the incredible story ofFamily stress.
So if you are a fan of the seriesozark“, Appointment atApril 22, 2022 on Netflixto discover the last seven episodes of the fourth and final season.

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