Netflix: Gillian Anderson watched Sex Education with her kids!

Gillian Anderson, who became a sex therapist in sex education, revealed she watched the show with her kids.

Sex Education is a hit on Netflix. Actress Gillian Anderson, who plays the sex therapist, has revealed she’s watched the hit series with her kids! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

A long-awaited sequel

Sex Education is the ultimate teen series. Funny and slightly bizarre, she reveals all topics without taboos that revolve around sexuality.

A series on Netflix that is attracting more and more viewers. With such success, Sex Education creator Laurie Nunn told our colleagues at Télé Loisirs that a new season could well see the light of day:

“I’m not working like it’s the last season. I think I’ve worked the same way for each of the previous seasons. I’ve tried to put in all the ideas I can come up with.”

“I’m well advanced in the writing process. I’m excited to see how the public will react to this new intrigue.” That’s what makes Netflix subscribers very happy. However, they still have to be patient.

Because the inventor of Sexual Education says: ” But that won’t last much longer.”. Meanwhile, actress Emma Mackey (Sex Education) expressed her impatience to Cosmopolitan:

“I look forward to it watch her make friends. Something more open. And experience another culture. To another world. (…). It would be great to see her living her own dream.”

Netflix: Sex Education en famille

Gillian Anderson, the actress who plays the role of Jean Milburn, the sex therapist in sex education and the mother of Otis, has an open mind. She revealed that to our colleagues from Télé LoisirsShe watched the series with her children.

Uh yes! The one you see now on the poster for The First Lady is having a good time watching the series on Netflix.

Otis wanted to talk about sex with her children. But in reality it is very difficult. Because young people tend to argue with their parents.

Gillian Anderson therefore had the idea of ​​watching the series with her small family on Netflix. But again it wasn’t easy. She then confides in this experience:

« It’s complicated ! Children don’t want to talk about sex with their parents. And that’s one of the reasons why this series is so popular. Parents learn to talk about these issues and children learn to ask these questions. »

But the children of Gillian Anderson do not shy away from the topics discusseds. But they would have a hard time seeing their mother in the role of a sex therapist.

The sex education actress then continues: “However, I have tried watching with my children and it is very disturbing. I think they’re embarrassed that I’m in it.”

Gillian Anderson is the mother of a girl and two boys. When the eldest is 28 years old, the last two are old enough to know more about sexuality!

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