Natural boxes for children

Spring is undoubtedly the best time of year to introduce children to nature. When the weather is nice, there is a great desire to go for a walk outside, to watch nature awaken or to start gardening with the family. A large garden is not necessary, a simple balcony or terrace can suffice.

However, not all of us are lucky enough to have enough gardening knowledge to pass on to our children, such as knowing what types or varieties of vegetables or flowers to sow indoors or outdoors in which month.

Sometimes we also run out of ideas for activities to offer a creative child to keep them occupied indoors on less nice weather days.

Menthe et Primevère, a young Breton company, has understood this well and offers natural boxes suitable for children from 5 to 11 years old, so that they can discover the joys of gardening and creative activities all year round.
  • at the reception: the sturdy and beautifully illustrated nature-themed packaging with small tissue paper to open to reveal the surprises of the box
  • the variety of content: from bags of seasonal vegetable or flower seeds to labels for identifying and locating seedlings, to creative materials and an explanatory educational booklet
  • The fun and educational activities provided are turnkey and can be set up immediately upon receipt of the box. With the potting soil pellets you can start sowing immediately. Most of the material is provided for creative activities. The rest is easily found in your closet like gouache paint, glue, papers or in the environment like leaves or branches. It is also an opportunity to take a family walk in nature in search of decorative treasures.
  • the quality of the material. Vegetable seeds are organic. The labels are made of wood, the packaging is made of cardboard and the bags are handmade, everything is recycled and reused as much as possible to respect the environment. For one of the creative activities, we had stencils for decorating the pennants in spring colors, which are thick enough to be used several times.
  • the tutorials in the brochure to implement the activities. Each type or variety of vegetable or flower is accompanied by its ID card, which indicates how to sow: in which month, indoors or outdoors to avoid frost damage, the gardener’s number one enemy for being in a hurry Has. Explanatory diagrams allow to carry out the different creations proposed. The educational booklet is packed with plant knowledge, including an emphasis on aromatic plants. Animals are not left out in the discovery of the Camargue horses in this jumping box.

This box offers the opportunity to share gardening and nature activities with your children or grandchildren across generations. What a joy to see a child closely following the development of their seedlings, observing nature and making it a creative playground far from the screens!

You choose the frequency of your monthly or seasonal subscription and also the duration. Note that there is no automatic renewal like some other boxes!
Mint and Primrose also offer themed gardening sets: a day on the farm, watching nature grow, discovering the forest, my first vegetable garden, etc. that can be used for an outdoor activity with children at school or at a leisure centre.

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