National Education is adding 1h30 Mathematics in General Education at the start of the 2022 school year

It has been decided that public education will begin “In this order” so that math returns to high school through the back door. At the beginning of the 2022 school year, an additional 1 hour and 30 minutes per week will be added to the common core of the 1st gradersconcerning general, which do not follow the mathematical specialty. The measure, which is intended to create 450 full-time positions (FTE), is financed by overtime already planned and excess positions for the mathematics chapels, we know the Rue de Grenelle.

National education has therefore chosen to follow the main recommendation of the expert committee commissioned by Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer to find a solution to the mathematics question. Become a specialty of your choice from the 1concerning – and followed in practice by a majority of boys (58%) and many students from privileged social classes (46%) – the subject has been in decline, with 18% fewer teaching hours, since the higher education reform that came into force at the beginning of the 2019 school year. This Arbitration, which takes place after the start of the ministerial reserve period ahead of the presidential elections, should be clarified after the report was presented to the minister on Monday 21 March.

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“At the moment we can only follow the recommendations for the start of the 2022 school year, that is, add 1h30 mathematics in 1concerning for laypeople »Let’s let the rue de Grenelle know carefully, being careful not to anticipate the vision of the future Minister of Education who “might make different choices for math in the future”.

Increase the proportion of girls

The General Directorate of School Education (Dgesco) and the Superior Council for Programs (CSP) are being contacted quickly to release the hours – in record time until the start of the school year in September – and to prepare the mathematical content of this future discipline. Renamed “Science Education and Mathematics”, it is increased to 3:30 in 1concerning, around 2 hours today where SVT, physics and math were mixed. The aim is to ensure that non-professionals can switch to the last field of study “Complementary Mathematics”, which is initially chosen by students who have started the field of study at the end of their 1st semesterconcerning.

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The expert committee, which includes the pilots of higher education reform but also general inspectors of mathematics, also called for quantified targets to be recorded to increase the proportion of girls in the “expert mathematics” option and, in addition, the specialty terminale, whose students are mainly focused on studies in hard science oriented. “Four more high school students per facility would be enough to provide a contingent of 10,000 girls, ie 40% of the total workforce, with specialist mathematics”thus points to Pierre Mathiot, the architect of the reform of the school that led the committee. “It’s a small, simple goal that can easily be passed on to clients,” and which in principle should be retained, he says.

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