Nathalie Elimas, Secretary of State for Priority Education accused of ‘harassment’, is leaving government

Nathalie Elimas on the forecourt of the Elysée, November 17, 2021.

Secretary of State for Priority Education Nathalie Elimas is leaving the government, the Elysée said in a press release on Saturday evening, March 5. mme Elimas has been the subject of an administrative inquiry since January after he was accused of moral harassment by members of his cabinet.

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The Ministry of National Education confirmed to Agence France-Presse (AFP) on January 15 that an administrative inquiry was underway “about the personnel work of the cabinet of Mme Elimas ». When asked by AFP when this administrative procedure was uncovered, several of its employees had stated that this human resources specialist was accused of actions “harassment” but also from “Abuse” to half a dozen subordinates.

One of them mentioned “Many Diseased Leaves” and “employee departures”. Another person who worked at the company described a problem with harassment “generalized”. A third person shared his “Descent into Hell”emphasizes the many “tantrums” of the Secretary of State addressing her staff, particularly during meetings. Neither does Mme Neither Elimas nor his cabinet then commented on the opening of this administrative investigation.

The foreign minister had denounced a “Attack of great violence, on a personal basis”. That is “very hard, very violent, the violence is unheard of for my children, but basically I’m relaxed”she said on Radio J in mid-February. “What’s happening today are extremely malicious leaks, probably to destabilize me. slander is marked”, she then assured. She entered government in July 2020 and was previously MP for Val-d’Oise.

Joël Giraud replaces Jacqueline Gourault

The Minister for Territorial Cohesion and Relations with Local Authorities, Jacqueline Gourault, is also leaving her post for a completely different reason: proposed by Emmanuel Macron to sit on the Constitutional Council, the former senator was confirmed by the National Assembly and the Senate. At the end of February and will enter the facility at rue Montpensier on Monday.

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mme Gourault, 71, will be replaced in her post by Joël Giraud, previously Secretary of State for Rural Affairs in her ministry. The member of the Radical Left, who was re-elected under the majority label in 2017, will also be in charge of Nadia Hai, the delegate minister in charge of the city, as well as Cédric O, secretary of state for digital oversight of Bercy.

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