Narbonne: The educational team at Jules Ferry College supports the Bosnian family who are threatened with deportation

The emergency shelter for a Bosnian family, consisting of two parents, two children and a third, has just ended. She is supported by a collective, but also by the educational team at Jules Ferry College, where Dino, the eldest son, is studying.

“It is a deplorable situation. We cannot leave a family with two children in school and a third on the street!” Like his colleagues on the Jules Ferry College teaching team, Bruno Demontaigne, Principal Advisor for Education, took a special occasion this Friday morning just outside the facility to support 13-year-old Dino and his father , Ado, while the mother , Semsa, was examined at the hospital for her pregnancy. Because since April 1, the end of the winter break, this Bosnian family no longer benefits from the emergency shelter that the 115 had made available to them. “Until then, the couple had received negative notices, both from the French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons and from the National Court for the Right to Asylum.” During the procedure, they were housed by the center for the reception of asylum seekers in Béziers, but they were arrested in January 2021 rejected”explained Luc Brémaud from the collective Accueil migrants du Narbonnais. “Our country is now rightly showing solidarity with the Ukrainians by taking in refugees on a massive scale: I don’t see why this family couldn’t be accommodated,” continues Bruno Demontaigne.

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Dino takes on the role of translator for his parents

From now on, the family will be accommodated temporarily in private apartments, in a small accommodation that is not necessarily suitable: “We can’t leave them on the street, we have to find a solution”, the members of the collective continue to comment. The teachers, for their part, emphasize the good integration of Dino: “It was a bit difficult at first, but the integration is going well. He plays football with his friends and gets by in French quite well, even if he doesn’t have the skills of a kid who arrived in France a while ago. Two years ago old . He wants to learn, he starts volunteering. He even takes on the role of translator for his parents!”

For its part, the Accueil Migrants du Narbonnais collective is not convinced that the obligation to leave French territory is still valid (the measures are enforceable for a period of one year from their entry into force) and calls on the State to respect the international convention on the rights of the child , signed by France: “It states that every child has the right to refuge, rescue and decent living conditions”concludes Luc Brémaud.

Simon Chassard: “I’m waiting for the results of an assessment of certain situations”

For Simon Chassard, Secretary General of the Prefecture of Aude, the validity of the obligation to leave French territory is unquestionable: “It still applies even if it’s true that I would have to report a second OQTF for more than a year in the event of deportation.”

Referring to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the representative assures him: “Of course we respect that. I would like to point out that the end of the emergency shelters was communicated to all residents of 115 at the end of the winter period. In the specific case of this family, I asked the audioise coordination for asylum law to give me an assessment of the particular situations, but I still have no results. When situations warrant finding an alternative situation, we will do so.

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