Nancy. Hijacked car with baby inside leads police to discovery of nearly a kilo of cocaine

The sequence is worthy of a thriller. However, it is all that is real and takes place in Nancy a few days ago, on Wednesday March 30th. A mother of Guyanese origin is driving around quietly in her Volkswagen Polo when she is suddenly hit several times from behind by another car.

It has nothing to do with an accident. The vehicle deliberately hits her and follows her. The driver warns her companion via cell phone. He orders him to go home to Laneuveville. What she does.

Baby found safe and sound

But when she arrives in front of her house, her pursuers are still on her heels. One of them gets out of the car. Armed. He puts the driver to flight, gets into his Polo and drives off.

He drives off in the Volkswagen… But also with the driver’s 12-month-old baby behind him. The police are alerted and the Polo is found a few moments later in unclear circumstances. She was abandoned by the armed robber in a dead end street.

The latter was seen by security cameras walking over a property’s fence before fleeing through the garden and disappearing. The baby was taken out of the car. Safe and healthy. That could be the end of the matter. It’s actually the beginning of another.

Cocaine eggs in milk bottles

A plastic bag with several milk bottles is actually discovered near the Polo. In these bottles, the police discovered 77 eggs containing cocaine. Total weight of the drugs seized: 924 grams. This corresponds to a market value of almost €60,000.

The driver of the Polo finds herself immediately in police custody, as does her companion, the latter’s cousin and friend. At the end of the hearings, it is cousin Damien Johannes, 28 years old, who landed from Guyana a few days earlier, who is taking everything upon himself. He confesses to having played mule for a Suriname-based human trafficker. Against the promise of 6,500 euros, he swallowed the cocaine eggs, flew to France and flew to Nancy, where he “delivered” the drugs.

“His confession was obtained after the four suspects spoke to each other in taki-taki (a language spoken in Guyana, ed.) while in police custody,” says the cousin’s lawyer, Me Julien Marguet. But his client repeated his confession in Nancy Criminal Court on Monday.

“He’s the scapegoat of these acts”

He did it in a very laconic way. He answered “yes” to almost all of the President’s questions. With the lost gaze of someone who is overwhelmed by events and doesn’t necessarily understand everything that is asked of them. “We can make him say anything. It’s the turkey of farce, the scapegoat of these acts,” his attorney insists.

For assistant prosecutor Jennifer Boirot, the cocaine-dozing cousin isn’t on his first trip, and she pleads for strictness: “What other message are we sending to people who get up in the morning to work and take a year to earn?” does he make four trips? She applied for and received a one-year sentence. In addition, there is a three-year residence ban on mainland France.

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