Nadiia’s family left Ukraine for Vienna, however

Nadiia’s family left Ukraine for Vienna but mourns their wounded country

Vernon, in Vienne, Nadiia, Nicolas Campos and their five children have taken in their Ukrainian family. The feelings range between the joy of seeing you again, the relief and the fear of knowing your country under the bombs.

It is warmer than normal this March afternoon in Maleffe, Parish vernon25 km southeast of Poitiers. While the children are at school, mother and daughter plant potatoes in the garden next to the stone house. Liudmyla marvels at the fertility of this land, more than 3,000 km away, which does not resemble her own.

We met Nadiia Campos on February 21, 2022 at her La Maleffe home. This 30-year-old hairstylist at home said her concern at meeting her family in Ukraine 200 km from Donbass. A month has passed. The family of seven suddenly grew. Nadiia, her husband Nicolas Campos and their five children aged 9, 8, 7, 3 and 1 occupy one bedroom and the mezzanine of the house. They made way to welcome Liudmyla and Serhii Holovanchykov, Nadiia’s parents, her brother Serhii (he has the same first name as their father), 18, and a 17-year-old minor, Mykyta, who was entrusted by a Ukrainian friend. Eleven under one roof. The fridge is empty quickly and the shopping trolley often has to be replaced… It would be nice if the garden could provide some vegetables…

Liudmyla, between her daughter Nadiia and her husband Serhii, keeps thinking about her country under the bombs.

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They left Dnipro, 250 km from Marioupol

On March 11, 2022, Liudmyla and the two boys left their city Dnipro250 km from the dvaste Marioupol240km away Kharkiv. Thirty minutes before curfew. Just enough time to take a suitcase. Nadiia, she took a plane to Budapest and found her mother on the Hungarian border. She returned the car that was parked in the yard today.

“The war did not come to us, but it was there rockets fell on buildings.” Liudmyla smiles, but doesn’t take her eyes off her eyes. Nothing will be the same again… She looks forward to seeing her grandchildren, whom she only sees once a year when their family visits them in Ukraine, enters constant fear. Several family members were able to emigrate to Poland, but many stayed in Kharkiv, Kyiv or near the nuclear power plantenergodar. “The men stayed to fight. My brother is released because he has vision problems,” explains Nadiia.

When Ukrainians leave Russia…

Liudmyla was relieved when her husband was able to join them on March 18th. Serhii (pronounced Sergei) was an engineer specializing in the welding of pipeline pipes carrying oil Russia, but also in Turkey, the Netherlands, Siberia… His assignments lasted three to six months. In Russia, at the time of the conflict, he did not announce any news for a week. Nobody really knew where he was. He had made sure to delete all applications on his phone, all messaging systems… He had to take a plane Turkey, then Paris. Before he left Russia, t questions about his intentions. “At customs I was asked what channels I watch, why I’m going to France, if I want to come back… I didn’t attend meetings, I didn’t feel unsafe‘ he puts it into perspective.

Mykita, left, was supposed to go to college or high school. Serhii, who stands behind his parents, Serhii (father and son share the same first name) and Liudmyla, can still follow his dance lessons via video.

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“Now we speak Ukrainian and more Russian”

Like his wife and the two young people is Serhii Russian speaking. “We used to speak Russian, now we speak Ukrainian,” says Nadiia, who wants her five children to discover her culture. His family now has to find their way in France. The prefecture sent them the receipt placing them under temporary protection status. “They don’t want refugee status because Your goal is to return. Someday…”

A few months ago, Serhii, who still has scars, had to be treated from Poitiers for knee surgery. “My parents are not yet covered by social security. You have to advance the money, it’s not easy.” But Nadiia and her husband manage without asking for help at first. The following ? Mykyta should go to high school or college. This will not happen without transport difficulties. Serhii, the son, a professional dancer, still takes video lessons when he’s not helping his uncle on the farm.

Heaven should close

Liudmyla Holovanchykova, vernon

Life organizes itself, but Liudmyla’s thoughts are still there Ukraine. “I check the news via Twitter or Telegram. i cry a lot Imagine all these people hiding in basements… A member of my family said to me, “Take advantage of clear skies, ours are gray and dusty all the time.” “

The stopover in Poitou is sustainable, Nadiia’s family knows that. “And what will we find?” They hope that Europe will be even more active, but fear that the situation will worsen anew. “My mother is afraid.” What would it take for it to stop? “Let the sky close again,” Liudmyla sighs helplessly, but who discovered it Volodymyr Zelenskyythe President of Ukraine, a worthy and courageous warlord.

La Maleffe, Asylumland DJ in 1962

“My parents are thankful l’did french to help and welcome them. That’s not the case everywhere. When I picked up my mother in Hungary in the middle of the night, dozens of people stood outside without shelter…” says Nadiia.

“We are happy to welcome them, but it is difficult for them…” Nicolas Campos, a farmer and breeder of horses and cattle with his father and uncle, has said so feeling of welcome. The situation of the Ukrainians corresponds to that of their ancestors. “My Blackfoot grandparents arrived here in 1962. Before them, an Italian immigrant had helped Jews to cross the nearby demarcation line.” La Maleffe is still a country of asylum in 2022.

Nicolas Campos (standing next to Nadiia) remembers that the Maleffe they live in has always been a country of asylum.

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In a few weeks we will meet Nadiia and her relatives again. Will they get reassuring news from their family and friends in Ukraine? How are they organized? How will they spend their days? Will you have learned a few words of French? Will the veil in Liudmyla’s eyes have lessened?

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