Nabilla thinks she’s going to give birth ‘I’m in easy labour’!

On social networks, Nabilla posted a photo telling her fans that she felt she had to give birth soon!

Nabilla has been . And the least we can say is that this pregnancy is not easy for Milann’s mother. The beauty also thinks that she will give birth soon.

Nabilla tired from her pregnancy

Nabilla did. While she’s not due until the end of May, she’s letting her baby see all the colors. Thomas Vergara had provided information on social networks.

Thomas Vergara explained: “Well, today Nabilla is very tired. She was in labor. So we go to the doctor. She gave us a big scare this morning..

Nabilla’s favorite had also added: “So we got in a taxi to go to the doctor. It seems to work there. But this morning it was very complicated.. After that, things finally got back to normal.

On the other hand, some time later the young woman got another big fright. And for good reason, she no longer felt her baby move in her belly. In the networks she said: “Before we got to the pool, we stopped at the emergency room”.

Nabilla continued: “Because I didn’t feel any more baby movement. Great stress when everything went well. (…) I was very scared because I can still feel the baby moving. At least 10 or 15 times a day”.

Before the explanation: “I can feel it moving all the time. I didn’t feel it at all. Also, I threw up. I felt tired. I had stress. I do not know. I have started to panic« .

“I feel like I’m going to give birth tomorrow”

Nabilla also pointed out: “Thomas told me that we have to go there to be reassured. I have not spoken. I was waiting for the baby to move (…) We saw the baby too. We saw him move, we listened to his heart..

Nabilla has also told her fans that she has to go once a week. The reason ? She needs vitamin shots. It was on Snapchat that she confided in him.

“I have everything really low so I have to pack vitamins for the baby and for myself once a week. So I don’t fall apart”. The beauty also has doctors’ orders to rest.

And the least we can say is that Nabilla appears to have very difficult to ask. And with good reason, her little boy was recently in the hospital with breathing problems. For his part, Thomas Vergara had a tooth transplant.

All of this worries the reality TV contestant. This Saturday, April 16, she also gave her fans other information about his state of health. She revealed: “I’m lying down, I had little contractions”.

Nabila added: ” I’m exhausted. I have six weeks left, I have I feel like I’m giving birth Morning “. Whether the beauty will come to an end remains to be seen. case follows!

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