Nabilla reveals a new ultrasound of her baby on Instagram!

Nabilla unveils a new ultrasound where you can see her baby. And the latter is the size of a pumpkin. He’s growing up fast!

Nabilla will soon be at the end of her pregnancy. If all goes well, her baby should be born in June. And on Instagram, the young woman shares a bit of her everyday life. She then shows her baby’s new ultrasound to her congregation.

Last straight for Nabilla

As we know, this pregnancy was not easy for Nabilla. The latter took over completely on Instagram. she explained really fed up. It can be understood Given the few complications this second pregnancy.

« It’s hard, I’m acidic, I didn’t sleep last night The baby moves a lot I have migraines”. But in addition to the physical problems, there are also fears for the future. In fact, Nabilla is afraid that everything will change with this new child.

But it’s still on the physical level that she suffers the most. ” I did not not much energy, i am very tired, I get exhausted quickly, I sleep at 8 p.m., it’s no fun. There’s no madness madness in my life now except that I am very happy with my little family.”

So Nabilla can’t wait for her baby to be here and they’re finally at 4. Because at the moment life is not very funny for the small family. Also, it is very hot in Dubai. And it also hurts the mother-to-be.

“It’s just happiness, but I can’t wait, I can’t take it anymore. Also, it’s 40 degrees I don’t want to go to the restaurant anymore because I can’t stay in the restaurant for two hours, I have back pain (…) I’m fed up! »

Another baby ultrasound

At the moment we don’t know if Nabilla is expecting a girl or a boy. In fact, the mother made the decision be surprised for that second child. Corn She’s sure it’s a girl because her pregnancy is different.

But parents don’t want to cheat. You don’t know if it will be a girl or a boy until the baby is born. And Nabila has a little more trouble projecting. But she is very happy to see her baby growing in her belly.

For this reason, she shared a snapshot of her ultrasound in the story. Then we see Nabilla, smiling and t-shirt pulled up for an ultrasound. It must be said that the term is slowly approaching.

She wrote: « Today my baby is the size of a pumpkin. The baby is growing well. And for the birth, Nabilla has already decided how it should go. she would like to have another caesarean section. Because the premiere went very well.

She explained to her community that her surgeon was able to reopen his old scar. And that he knew how to make very fine scars. Which is perfect for mom. The appointment would have already been scheduled. But for when?

At the moment we don’t know. All we know is that the baby is due in June. And it’s getting closer! Two months before we know if the baby in the family is a boy or a girl.

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