Nabilla no longer supports her pregnancy at all “I’m fed up”!

On her Snapchat account, Nabilla shared with her fans that she is no longer supporting her pregnancy at all. She revealed “I’m fed up”!

It seems that Nabilla is becoming more and more Difficulty coping with pregnancy. If she can’t wait to welcome her child, she really can’t wait to give birth. This weekend she confided in her condition.

Nabilla can hardly wait for the birth

This Saturday, March 26th, Nabilla updated her fans on her condition. The beauty appears to have stopped supporting her pregnancy. On Snapchat she said: “It’s hard, I’m acidic, I didn’t sleep last night”.

Nabilla also continued: “The baby moves a lot, I have migraines, that’s it. I don’t have much energy, I’m very tired, I get tired easily, I sleep at 8 p.m., it’s not fun.”.

Before he confesses to his fans: “It’s not madness in my life right now. Except that I am very happy with my little family.”. She also revealed that the weather in Dubai didn’t help the situation.

“It’s just happiness, but I can’t wait, I can’t take it anymore. Also, it’s 40 degrees, I don’t want to go to a restaurant anymore because I can’t stay in a restaurant for two hours, my back hurts (…)”.

Nabilla said on social media: ” I’m fed up ! I don’t care, I just want my baby! ». She then also explained that she already knew the date of her delivery.

“I already know the date of my delivery at the beginning of June. (…) At the end of the month I have two months left, all right. I have ” . But that’s not all.

An exhausting second pregnancy/h2>

Nabilla also admitted: “The first time it wasn’t wanted, it was an emergency caesarean, in the end it went so well! (…) So I made the decision to repeat a caesarean in the same place.”.

One thing is for sure, Nabilla really has . It has to be said that this isn’t the first time she’s admitted to her fans that she’s tired of being pregnant. And it looks like she’s having a hard time getting through her last trimester.

A few days ago, Thomas Vergara also had to. And for good reason she was in labor and very tired. Milann’s father was very stressed for his wife and preferred to see a doctor.

After a blood test, Nabilla also discovered that she had several deficiencies. including iron deficiency. Beauty also has anemia that explains his great tiredness. She must therefore rest before the birth of her child.

One thing is for sure, stress does not help. Not so long ago, Milann’s mother also said: “I got pregnant again, I’m expecting my second child. I can not believe it. It was not planned”.

Before I admit: “It’s a joy, a godsend, it’s so beautiful. But when it’s not planned, it’s scary. It scares me. I am very honest. (…) I was scared to death. I’m afraid “.

Nabilla pointed out: “It is am very scared. And I don’t know how to get out of this. I’m still really scared. But really “.

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