Nabilla makes a new secret about her baby “So happy”!

In Story on her Instagram account, Nabilla made a newfound faith in her baby. She confessed she was ultra “happy”!

A few months ago, Nabilla announced very big news to her fans. She revealed it was her. Earlier this week she kept a secret about her baby.

Thomas Vergara and his darling will welcome their baby

On February 4th, Nabilla announced to her fans: “We kept this little secret for a long time. To be able to enjoy our family happiness to the fullest. But today is the time to share our happiness with you.”.

Before adding: “My belly is getting bigger every day. We are pleased to announce that we are expecting our second child.”. Since announcing her pregnancy, Nabilla has often confided in her fans.

A few days ago, the beauty also admitted that she felt slight contractions. Although she will give birth in a few weeks, she really feels it.

The beauty has already had several scares. She made several visits to the hospital. A few weeks ago, Nabilla went to the emergency room because she . The reason ?

The reality TV contestant no longer felt her baby move in her stomach. She then imagined the worst. Thomas Vergara therefore took the decision to take him to the hospital. Luckily more fear than harm.

Nabilla and Thomas Vergara’s baby was doing well. For her part, the young woman has to go to the hospital every week to be received a dose of vitamins in the body. One thing is for sure, she seems exhausted.

The beauty had also confided in her fans: “The baby moves a lot, I have migraines, that’s it. I don’t have much energy, I’m very tired, I get tired easily, I sleep at 8 p.m., it’s not fun.”.

Nabilla is proud of her baby’s progress

Nabilla also confessed: “It’s not madness in my life right now. Except that I’m very happy with my little family. It’s just happiness, but I can’t wait, I can’t take it anymore.”.

Nabilla had also added: “It’s also 40 degrees, I don’t want to go to a restaurant anymore because I can’t stay in a restaurant for two hours, my back hurts (…) I’m fed up! I don’t care, I just want my baby! ».

When Thomas Vergara’s darling has moments when she is really at the end of his wits she keeps her good mood. This Monday, April 18, she also gave her fans a newfound confidence regarding her baby.

This Easter Monday she shared a new photo on her Instagram account. She revealed to her fans that her child is the size of a melon. And that he weighed between 1.9 and 2.6 kilos. Incredible news for mom.

In the caption of her Instagram photo, Nabilla also confided: “I don’t notice. I’m so happy”. A gorgeous declaration of love to her baby.

One thing is for sure, Milann’s mother is really looking forward to it meeting her child !

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