Nabilla is very happy to take a new step in her pregnancy!

Taking to her Instagram account, Nabilla shared a photo where she confided that she was glad to have passed a milestone in her pregnancy!

A month ago, Nabilla announced to her fans that she is pregnant with her second child. Since that announcement, she has made several confidants to her fans about this pregnancy. She recently took a big step.

Thomas Vergara and his darling don’t want to know the sex of the baby

For several months, Nabilla’s fans have suspected that it is her was expecting her second child. The young woman has yet to wait until an advanced stage of her pregnancy before confirming the rumours.

In early February, Nabilla told her fans: “We kept this little secret for a long time in order to fully exploit our family happiness”.

However, she confessed: “But today it’s time to share our happiness with you, my belly is getting bigger every day.”. Since then, she hasn’t hesitated to grant herself a few confidences.

First, the young woman confessed to her fans that she made a big decision about her baby. Unlike her first pregnancy, Nabilla does not want to know the sex of her child.

It’s a decision Nabilla made with her husband Thomas Vergara and they’re sticking to it. This Wednesday, March 9th, the beauty also had an appointment with the gynecologist. Once again she explained don’t want to know gender.

Milann’s mother wants to keep the secret until the end of her pregnancy. Just like Thomas Vergara. Does he want it too? the surprise at the birth of her child. For her part, Maeva Ghennam already has an idea.

Nabilla is 27 weeks pregnant

Maeva Ghennam recently took a test with Nabilla to find out her baby’s gender. Whether the reality TV contestant got it right remains to be seen. Next door, the Love Island host has completed a course.

This Wednesday, March 9th, Nabilla posted a new photo on her Instagram account. She posed with her prettiest smile in front of her mansion in Dubai. She decided on her outfit for a long tight dress.

The latter hinted at her pretty baby bump. In the caption to her photo, the young woman revealed to her fans that she was there now 27 weeks pregnant. That’s a little over six months.

In addition, with her snapshot, she collected more than 120,000 “likes” from her subscribers in just a few hours. In the comments, the latter did not hesitate to compliment her.

It must be said that Nabilla did indeed appear beaming to announce this new course. Some also used this post to make predictions about the gender of his future child.

While some are hoping that she will give birth to a baby boy, others are hoping that this time she will have a baby girl. It will still be necessary Wait three months before you know more.

As a matter of fact, Nabilla was due to give birth in May next year. A little more patience before she knows the gender of her child with Thomas Vergara!

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