Nabilla in the hospital: “I can no longer feel my baby moving”

Impossible not to be unaware of the good news. In fact, all media and websites are talking about it. And Nabilla the First talks about it only on social networks. The pretty brunette is pregnant with her second child. She will give Milann, her life-changing eldest son, a little brother or sister. While followers will have to wait, the birth shouldn’t be delayed any longer… But Nabilla is a woman like any other, and sometimes pregnancy isn’t a long smooth river. Find out what just happened to him.

Nabilla, pregnant with her second child, is panicking!

One thing is for sure, Nabilla has come a long way since reality shows. Now a businesswoman, she has built thriving businesses in various fields such as cosmetics. A mini-series on Amazon Prime was also dedicated to him. The two lovebirds conjured up their grandiose wedding in Chantilly.

The family is a little cloud and breathes happiness, that’s obvious. When she found out about her pregnancy, she did not hesitate to announce it very quickly to her subscribers on her Instagram account. In addition, the moment was particularly well chosen, because it was the eve of his 30th birthday. The pretty brunette doesn’t want to withhold anything from her second family on social networks.

Also, a few days ago she had made revelations about her first few months of pregnancy, which weren’t easy. In fact, the first quarter was pretty rock ‘n’ roll! Nabilla suffered from back pain, nausea and vomiting. The former reality TV candidate was of course tired as well. But her health woes aren’t quite behind her yet. Here’s what she said: “I don’t have much energy, I’m very tired, I get tired quickly, I sleep at 8 p.m., it’s not fun. It’s not crazy in my life right now, other than being very happy with my little family.”.

She is afraid of giving birth

Aside from her health issues, which are very annoying but normal, Nabilla also has fears about having this child. Again she doubts herself and it’s not the first time. She imagines that she will not be able to fulfill her role as a mother of two children. Luckily she is not alone and Thomas Vergara, her husband, will support and support her as always. “I don’t want to go to a psychiatrist, I know it will happen naturally. I think I’m scared of responsibility.” explained Nabilla on the social network Snapchat. It is now established that Nabilla is already madly in love with her future baby and the couple are eager to find out the gender of their child as they preferred to keep their secret to themselves.

Even though the couple doesn’t know the gender of their child, Nabilla has her own idea of ​​it. In fact, her pregnancy isn’t going like the first one. “Because it’s different. i feel like a girl She will make me miserable”, explains the star of Dubai. Like all mothers, she worries. On April 3, 2022, the pretty brunette went to the emergency room and had a complicated night. In fact she had one “great stress” because she couldn’t feel her baby move anymore…

More fear than harm!

To his account SnapchatHere’s what Milann’s mother revealed: “We stopped in the ER because I couldn’t move the baby…”. After several examinations and ultrasound scans, Nabilla can rest easy because everything is fine, whether for Nabilla or the baby. The latter will stay a little warm in his mother’s belly because the semester is scheduled for the beginning of June. “Big stress when everything was going well”, she admits.

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