Myriam and Thomas (Koh-Lanta, the Secret Weapons) announce that they are going to be parents! (PICTURES)

Myriam and Thomas, revealed to the public in Koh-Lanta, The Secret WeaponsShe announced on March 23 on Instagram that they would become parents!

While all eyes are on the adventurers Koh-Lanta, The Cursed Totem, With its share of twists and reckoning, this is what former survival game contestants are talking about today. During their participation in the previous season of Koh Lantabaptized secret weaponsthomas u Myriam have formed an ultra close-knit and almost inseparable duo. The complicity between the two members of the yellow team was also such that during the Spring 2021 broadcast, rumor had it that they were already a couple. At that time on the subject in questioned Do not touch My TVHowever, Thomas had denied any romantic approach, saying Myriam was not “only a friend”.

Miriam and Thomas out Koh Lanta formalized their relationship last October

But on October 23rd So Myriam and Thomas have being formalized in a relationship through fiery declarations of love on Instagram. In the caption a photo of Thomas and her arriving at the issue secret weapons, Miriam wrote: “It’s crazy how this photo represents our adventure… We started nearby with our canoes, only to become a fiery couple from the first test. Our life changed a year ago thanks to this adventure but also thanks to our meeting. Many of you guessed it, today it’s official friends.” And this March 23, new formalization while rumors went well after the young woman published a snapshot on which we could see a pink bottle.

“We’re expecting a little baby Koh Lanta !”

The former adventuress announced that she’s expecting one happy event, in the story (discover here) proudly showing off his baby bump, then in a publication, accompanied by a snap of the couple. First, the mom-to-be explained that despite the color of the bottle cap, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a girl, revealing the good news. “family Koh Lanta grows! We are expecting a baby Koh Lanta. We are super happy. Apologies to those who were unable to notify the announcement on the networks., she revealed. Before you warn those who don’t have a strong appetite for all things motherhood. “I promise I won’t spend the days talking about the baby and the strollers, we’ll keep talking about sports. We are officially part of the patchwork family team“, saluted the one who experienced the joys of motherhood twelve years ago! “12 years later it is very strange. It’s like starting from scratch, like I never experienced it, so it’s super weird”, she admitted. Myriam and Thomas then posted a photo of themselves wearing adorable onesies for their offspring to confirm the announcement. Thomas wrote in the caption: “Koh-Lanta changed my life, i met fabulous people but one in particular, A real thunderbolt. Today is the time to tell you our family will grow. Thanks to my wife who takes care of our little totem daily I am a happy father-to-be”. Congratulations to you!

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