“My son’s father led a double life during my pregnancy”

INTERVIEW – The 29-year-old entrepreneur, Season 6 contestant on the M6 ​​romance show, tells us about her beliefs, lifestyle and marriage to Axel.

“Caroline’s case proved to be a particularly difficult challenge. In six years of experience, we experts have never been confronted with such a profile.” Pascal de Sutter, Doctor of Psychology from “Married at First Sight”, presented the 29-year-old single mother as a very special candidate “to the extraordinary way of life that isolates it from the rest of the world” and at the “whole and inflexible personality”. Running her own concierge business, Caroline lives in a hamlet in the Hautes-Alpes, in the middle of nowhere at 1600 meters above sea level. The vegan nature and animal lover – she has 18 dogs – has been raising her 3.5-year-old son alone since birth.

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LE FIGARO. – How did you come up with the idea of ​​signing up for Married at First Sight?
Caroline. –
I’ve followed the show from the start and the concept made me daydream, the idea of ​​meeting someone compatible but not imagining one day being a part of it. I became a mom (in August 2018, editor’s note), separated from my dad during my pregnancy and for two years had other ideas than starting a new relationship. Then the desire to seduce, meet a man and share my everyday life came back. But I knew that my personality, my beliefs and my way of life would be very complicated in a hamlet of 20 people. So I signed up to audition Married at First Sight to help me find the right person for me.

What is your sentimental past, marked by the birth of your son Loup-Gabriel?
I had pretty traditional love stories that usually ended well. I’ve had relationships with men who respected me well. There was, in fact, my son’s father who was very complicated with him because he lacked self-confidence and to calm himself he found nothing better than to live a double life during my pregnancy, so he was really into me was in love. To reassure himself if I should leave him, he had created a backup solution. We broke up about it while I was pregnant, although I didn’t find out the full truth until two years later. I felt like strange things were happening… It was an absolute war after the birth of my son because he had a hard time with our separation, we were fighting over custody of our child and ever since the court announced the verdict everything has calmed down , we get along very well. He can see Loup-Gabriel whenever he wants and we’ve become friends.

Your registration for Married at First Sight would have benefited your agreement…
As long as we hated each other, there was no ambiguity. But once we stopped hating each other, he had hope of rekindling a relationship with me. He hated me again for three and a half days when he found out about my registration for the show, but his anger evaporated and he understood that he finally had to turn the page with me. He did it and we get along very well.

“I spend about 1,500 euros a month to feed all my dogs”

Caroline from “Married at First Sight”

How would you describe your lifestyle, which Pascal de Sutter described as “extraordinary”?
There is one image that I like, it’s a photo of two identical apples with the caption “This is an apple and this is an organic apple”. It’s still crazy that the organic apple isn’t called the apple and the other one is called the chemical apple! My way of life is the same, for me it’s the normal way of life! (laughs) Single or not, I’m so very happy. The complexities of my day-to-day life are raising a child alone, running my own business and also having to take care of all my dogs. Also, being vegan means cooking a lot more. After all that, my life is organized with the help of people who come to my house, young au pairs or WWOOFers (help against board and lodging, editor’s note).

How much does it cost to cater for 18 dogs?
Financially it’s complicated because everything is at my expense, from food to veterinary care. My dogs also eat vegan croquettes and they are more expensive than the others. Food alone accounts for around 1,500 euros per month. It’s a really personal choice, at least 50% of my work goes to my animals. I collect old dogs from shelters, most are from Romania, all their vaccines are up to date.

How should we live to be consistent with your beliefs?
For me, the right way, the most logical, the most instinctive and therefore also the most animalistic way is simply to respect our living space. This is exactly what shocks me in my observations. An animal will not defecate in its burrow and then sleep on it. I’m not urging everyone to live with 18 dogs, just eating and consuming right are fundamentals that come with our good health.

As Axel was able to tell him, you don’t live as a hermit in the middle of the mountain…
On the contrary, I have a very dynamic life and my values ​​don’t prevent me from enjoying it. Everywhere I go, I eat vegan and I drink vegan. I buy all my clothes and accessories second hand. After that, I’m far from perfect, but my decisions are constantly weighed: if I can take the train instead of the plane, then I’ll do it. When I’m on longer journeys in my small, fuel-efficient car, I try to take more people with me. I have a lifestyle that doesn’t make me feel guilty. I also want to break this image of the vegan who lives alone in a cave and doesn’t want to disturb. I want to assert myself, show that you can live vegan, respect nature and have fun.

“I really believed in marriage, that I’m being pranked, that it’s a hidden camera.”

Caroline from “Married at First Sight”

In your social networks, you openly position yourself against the anti-Covid vaccination and against the health passport. Were there any special health regulations for getting married in Gibraltar?
No, at my wedding some of us were not vaccinated. Only a PCR or antigen test was requested before leaving France. I would not have had to fight my beliefs and if I had been asked to get vaccinated I would not have accepted it. On the other hand I lost the number of PCR tests I had to do there, nobody wore the mask in Gibraltar anymore.

And that’s why you didn’t want to kiss the groom…
(Laughs) I couldn’t because of the Covid, it was too dangerous!

Seriously, what were your first impressions when you discovered Axel?
To be honest, when I see it, I don’t understand it. I tell myself that he is small, although that was the only physical criterion that was beyond my reach. I didn’t fall in love when I exchanged my first glances with him, I didn’t feel anything. I think all attendees have the same idea when they come to the wedding, that at first glance there will be a crush to die for. I was really not well and he was able to put me at ease, there was a good atmosphere with families and loved ones. When I see his two stuffed animals on the floor, I tell myself that we’re not in the same delirium about animals. During the shooting of my portrait, I was asked about the color of the suit, which I would not like to see on the groom, I answered the blue of the flag of France… It’s not against Axel, but I really thought the wedding was hat pranked me, it was a hidden camera! (Laughs.)

Still, you give your story with Axel a chance by accepting this marriage…
I told myself that if I had just seen the 20 percent incompatibility in a few seconds, it meant that when I met him I would be blown away by the 80 percent compatibility and that the intellectual harmony would be evident. But here too, in our beliefs and our values, there are no obvious similarities. I had a very bad experience with the banquet because I realize that nothing is going well. Axel, like his friends and family, was very enthusiastic and I felt very bad for not sharing their feelings. I’ve told Axel several times that I don’t feel anything, but he wanted me to give him the chance to take the time to show me who he really is.

What mood are you in at the end of the banquet?
I feel really bad because I don’t really believe in it anymore. I am disappointed because I arrived in Gibraltar full of hope. We finished filming very late, I was very tired and couldn’t wait to be alone. Because at no point during that day was I able to take moments alone to reflect on what I was going through.

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