“My mother-in-law is convinced I cheated on my husband because our baby has blue eyes”

Fair-skinned babies are often born with blue-grey eyes, but that can change! It takes several months to be sure that a baby’s eye color is permanent. It seems that a grandmother is not aware of this phenomenon, nor is she very knowledgeable about genetics. Under the pretext that her granddaughter was born with blue eyes, she accuses her stepdaughter of cheating on her husband…

His stepmother accuses him of infidelity

The relationship with her mother-in-law is complicated for this woman, who shares her story on Reddit. Lately, her children’s grandmother has been insisting that her son visit to talk to him alone. “He resisted because the last time she wanted to speak to him alone she was trying to arrange a schedule for me to visit once a week while my husband is at work (I’m one mom who stays at home) when he refused to organize my time for me, she ordered him to bring the kids and leave them at home while he was at work once a week, he refused that too , they refused to write me directly because I just told them “no”. We see her once a month for a few hours.”says this mom to contextualize. In addition, the grandparents systematically make unpleasant comments about the parents’ decisions, and when the parents signal that they do not want to hear their verdict, the mother-in-law replies: “We are a family after all. We just want to belong!”

Anyway, her husband eventually found out why his mother insisted on seeing him alone. : “This is because our daughter has blue eyes. My husband and I both have green eyes, slightly hazel. My father has blue eyes so I can pass this gene on, but apparently no one in his family doesn’t have blue eyes, I must have cheated on him. Of course, instead of researching and finding out that two green-eyed parents can have a blue-eyed baby, or that a baby’s eye color can change over several months (our baby is not yet 1 year old), my mother-in-law did a paternity test for mine man ordered. What a lovely person she is.”, says the young mother. She says she also has a young son with brown eyes: “So I imagine, based on his reasoning, he’s a legitimate kid.”she jokes.

A toxic mother-in-law

In the forum, the young mother asks Internet users for advice on how to react to her mother-in-law’s behavior: “I think she wants to cause trouble so she can see her grandkids more often? I’m not sure, their logic doesn’t make sense. Under no circumstances should she be alone with the children. , and I will urge my husband to stop seeing her. I don’t know why he’s against it, despite his ongoing shady plans.

Netizens agree that we should stop seeing this toxic stepmother who accuses her of infidelity rather than accepting facts and manipulating her own son. “She’s silly. I have green eyes and my husband’s are hazel. Our son has the darkest brown eyes I have ever seen. […]. I’m sorry you had to live with his nonsense.”she comments another mother. A user recommends: “She’s definitely ignorant and probably thrives on stirring things up. I will indefinitely suspend the monthly visits. A paternity test? That’s ridiculous!”

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