Murder of Samuel Paty: His family denounces the failure of the state

In particular, the family accuses the secret services of never having seriously considered the risk of an attack.
In particular, the family accuses the secret services of never having seriously considered the risk of an attack. (©Illustration)

If the state could have avoided the tragic fate Samuel Patty ? The history and geography professor’s family was murdered in the street on October 16, 2020Eragny sur Oise (Val d’Oise) think so. “Mistakes were made by both the National Education System and the Home Office without which Samuel Paty could have been saved,” Afp Me said Virginia Leroythe family lawyer, on the sidelines of the complaint filed by this on Wednesday April 6 against the administration, which she considers guilty for not protecting the professor.

“The ad is being analyzed,” said the Paris public prosecutor. A lawsuit the former partner and mother of Samuel Paty’s son declined to participate in after she was “surprised to learn of the filing of a complaint against X for ‘failure to prevent crime’ and ‘failure to assist those in danger'”. , stated on Twitter his lawyer Me Francis Szpiner.

This aims « several agents from the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of National Education » who should have known, directly or indirectly, of Samuel Paty’s situation.

80 pages

In the 80-page ad, the family accuses the secret services in particular of never having seriously considered the risk of an attack, or the rectorate of Versailles for not having taken adequate protective measures after initial threats. She returns to the corridors that led to the beheading of the 47-year-old family man nearby College of Bois-d’Aulne to Conflans Sainte Honorine (Yvelines), from Abdullak Anzorowa Russian refugee of Chechen origin, killed shortly afterwards by police.

The radicalized 18-year-old accused him of having shown cartoons of Mohammed in class during a class « the contours and limits of freedom of expression », October 5, 2020. The next day, the mother of a student contacted the principal. The affair became strained when the principal received an anonymous denunciation email on October 7 « a climate of Islamophobia » and accuses the founding « Split […] from the youngest age ».

“A Serious Threat”

On the same day, the father of a college student, Brahim Chnina, posted a message on his Facebook page saying that the teacher showed the cartoons of Muhammad naked and called for a mobilization against the teacher, whose phone number he gave indicates. Death threats are made against the teacher on social networks.

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“From October 8 through October 16, Samuel Paty, the principal, and the faculty identified a serious threat to their physical integrity and the safety of the college,” the parents and sisters of the murdered professor wrote.

Nonetheless, on October 12, four days before the assassination, Yvelines Territorial Intelligence issued a note stating that at no time was a threat to the professor’s physical integrity considered, writing that things were “calming down” .

“My brother was sacrificed”

For the family, “Home Office agents failed to help Samuel Paty,” who should have enjoyed “at least the weakest protection,” an agent or two, given the “threat directed at him that would have saved him.” My brother didn’t sacrifice himself, he was sacrificed by everyone who could and should have protected him,” explained Mickaelle, one of Samuel Paty’s two sisters, in Release.

In their complaint, the professor’s family also denounced the inefficiency of the intelligence services, which were unable to identify the assassin’s profile but were active on Twitter in the weeks leading up to his attack.

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