Murder in his family, Mom’s Son, Sock Man, rescued by Laura Smet… Revelations

The Home Secretary is the subject of a book entitled “Gérald Darmanin: The President’s Black Baron” (Robert Laffont Editions). Terrible family secrets, food (with ham) and connections to Hallyday heritage: Here’s what authors Laurent Valdiguié and François Vignolle teach us…

Bag of President Emmanuel Macron, Gérald Darmanin has not finished talking about him. Because when the interior minister is regularly asked in the media about his government’s measures, he also makes headlines with his legal affairs. He has been accused of rape by Sophie Patterson-Spatz since 2017. Facts from 2009, in which the young woman accuses the politician, then a member of parliament from the north, of having abused her for “services”. To the complainant’s great disappointment, the journalists Laurent Valdiguié and François Vignolle revealed in their book that the application for dismissal had only recently been made Gerald Darmanin: The President’s Black Baron (to be published by Robert Laffont Editions on March 31, 2022).

Gérald Darmanin, “saved” by Laura Smet and the legacy of Hallyday

Laurent Valdiguié and François Vignolle investigate the Darmanin affair and in particular its media treatment, it has been revealed Closer who had access to the good pages of the book. As the rape allegation surfaced in the press, the two journalists explained that, despite the seriousness of the facts and the extraordinary hearing given to the minister, the media would be reluctant to report them. And for a good reason! It’s February 12, 2018, and on that day one important message will eclipse all others: “This Monday morning, while the minister is being questioned discreetly by the police, Le Figaro publishes a posthumous letter from Laura Smet to her father, who died in December 2017‘ point out the journalists. Highlighting important information that is omitted: because the minister’s lawyer, Master Pierre-Olivier Sur, also happens to be “the advice” of Laurent Smet. And the two authors for clarification: “Diversion – flight? – is masterful“. From then on, the Darmanin affair faded from the headlines to make way for the Hallyday family’s strife over the singer’s legacy. Or how Laura Smet “rescued” Gérard Darmanin against her will…

Gérald Darmanin: His mother still buys him his socks

When journalists are interested in Gérald Darmanin’s legal cases (and their disappearance in the media), they report lighter facts about France’s first flic. In particular, his merging relationship with his mother, Annie Ouakid. At 39, the president’s foal has apparently not quite severed the umbilical cord, the authors reveal: even today, when he is Minister, she buys him socks, puts money in his suit pockets so that he does not want for anything, and takes care of his food.”

More so, his ancestor “Do not hesitate to fill his pockets with good ham when he comes to visit”. A motherhood constant for the almost quadra, which he likes to enjoy, since Gérald Darmanin regularly reminds his mother: “But mom, I’m being fed at the Home Office”.

Gérald Darmanin, the horrific murder that marked his childhood

Worse still, while investigating the story of the Place Beauvau tenant accused of rape, Laurent Valdiguié and François Vignolle make a macabre discovery: a family drama that shaped little Gérald’s childhood.

Back in the 1990s, Gérald, born in 1982, was just a child when his father Gérard received a panicked call from his daughter. The latter tries unsuccessfully to reach her former companion while her son is with him. At her insistence and to reassure her, the patriarch decides to go there. Here’s the chilling story from journalists as shared by Closer: “An unbelievable crime scene awaits him on site. Before committing suicide, the husband stabbed the child and spattered his blood on the walls. Gérard Darmanin is shocked by the terrible death of his grandson. (…) Adding to the family drama is the fear evoked by the trauma. The father of the future interior minister loses his footing, comes up with all sorts of theories and becomes paranoid. “Obsessed with this case, convinced of it Boris’ death ‘hides something’ Gérard Darmanin considers the involvement of a conspiracy network in the murder of the little one. (…) At that time when his father feared that a new conspiratorial action doesn’t touch his family Gérald was out of school for five months and even emigrated from Paris..

The Darmanin family will never recover from the tragedy, father Gérard sinks into alcoholism, distances himself from his son, whom he only finds again shortly before his death in 2019.

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