MP Sébastien Lemire and his family will welcome Ukrainian refugees | war in Ukraine

Émilie Auclair, wife of Sébastien Lemire, saw other residents of the region volunteering to be foster families and wanted to join the movement.

I think we make this decision in one step, that is, we do it. If you start thinking, “Oh my god, they’ll be there, they don’t speak the same language,” you don’t. It is an opening of the heart, it is a decision of the heartShe says.

Last Friday, Émilie Auclair wrote to the group Entraide Ukraine Abitibi-Témiscamingue on social networks, offering to be a foster family.

About 24 hours later, volunteers from the Entraide group put her in touch with a Ukrainian refugee family. Émilie Auclair only knows that they are two parents and their three young children currently residing in Romania.

« It’s a great adventure because, to be honest, we don’t know much more. It will be the meeting of the people. On that basis, we’ll just meet. »

A quote from Emilie Auclair

A committee toa special committee, was created in the city of Rouyn-Noranda and brings together different services, such as the school service center, the integrated center for health and social services of Abitibi-Témiscamingue, the organization for newcomers La Mosaïque, the organization of the neighbors and the center local de développement .

ce soit éparpillé partout sur le territoire”,”text”:”C’est d’asseoir tous ces intervenants-là autour d’une table concerter les services qu’il y a dans le milieu, pour s’assurer que lorsqu’on va accueillir des familles, qu’on sache d’avance où se retrouvent les services pour bien les accueillir, pour ne pas que ce soit éparpillé partout sur le territoire”}}”>It’s about getting all of these stakeholders around the table to coordinate services in the community to ensure that when we host families, we know in advance where the services are to welcome them, with that they are not scattered throughout territoryexplains councilor Claudette Carignan, who oversees the committee.

Claudette Carignan in front of the Rouyn-Noranda town hall.

Claudette Carignan, councilwoman overseeing Rouyn-Noranda’s ad hoc committee for the reception of Ukrainians.

Photo: Radio Canada / Alexia Martel-Desjardins

MP Sébastien Lemire sees the role of the foster family as personal support.

What I do, I do personally, as a family, because it challenges us. Because in real life my availability will be more limited depending on the circumstances. We are nearing the end of a strict session in Ottawa. I probably won’t be there four or five days a weekhe clarifies.

The Lemire family communicated with the refugees they will host via Facebook. As soon as they have the necessary papers, they should fly to Canada.

Émilie Auclair says her family is cheering her on, especially her two boys.

Without a shadow of a doubt they said “Well, we’ll leave our room”. Her bedroom used to be here. It’s going to be her bedroom again and my office, we’re going to rearrange things. You want to join. They want to know, to understandshe reports.

A first Ukrainian refugee is expected to arrive in Abitibi-Témiscamingue this week.

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