More than 500 Ukrainian children have been killed or injured since the Russian invasion

More than 500 children have been killed or injured since Russia invaded Ukraine six weeks ago, a explained the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office, while UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, said more than five million people have been displaced due to a worsening humanitarian crisis and information about alleged war crimes by Russia.


  • At least 186 children have been killed and 344 injured in Ukraine since the Russian invasion began on February 24, Ukrainian prosecutors said.
  • That figure, which has not been independently verified, is higher than the United Nations-confirmed death toll, which puts 142 children dead and nearly 230 injured, although Manuel Fontaine, Unicef’s director of emergency relief programs, said on Monday: “The die true numbers are certainly much higher given the scale of the attacks.”
  • A total of 4.8 million Ukrainian children have been displaced in the past six weeks, according to Manuel Fontaine, about two-thirds of the 7.5 million children living in Ukraine before the war.
  • Of these, 2.8 million children live in Ukraine and 2 million have fled to other countries, and almost half of the children left at home are at risk of not having enough to eat.
  • According to Fontaine, attacks on Ukraine’s water and electricity infrastructure have left millions of children with little or no access to water. The situation is “even worse in cities like Mariupol and Kherson, where children and their families have been living for weeks” without running water, sanitation, regular food and medical care.
  • According to the UN, around 4.62 million refugees have fled Ukraine since February 24 and more than 7.1 million are internally displaced.

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Mr Fontaine, who had just returned from Ukraine, described the situation as “quite unbelievable”. In his 31-year humanitarian career, he has never seen so many children move so quickly. “They were forced to leave everything behind: their homes, their schools and often their family members,” he said, describing the “desperate measures parents take to keep their children safe.”


Ukraine’s Ambassador to the United Nations Serhiy Kyslytsya has accused Russia of taking more than 120,000 Ukrainian children out of the country. Most of them have been removed from the besieged port city of Mariupol and taken to Russia, said Kyslytsya, adding that Russia has drafted a law to speed up adoption procedures. This information has not been independently verified and stems from multiple allegations that Russia forcibly relocated Ukrainian citizens to its territory. Moscow denies these allegations.

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Russia faced numerous charges of war crimes, genocide, crimes against humanity and other atrocities committed by its armed forces in Ukraine. The West, Ukraine and international aid organizations have condemned Russia’s alleged attacks on civilians – including hospitals, schools, shelters and humanitarian corridors – as well as evidence of the execution and torture of civilians in Russian-held areas like Boutcha. On Friday, at least 57 people, including five children, were killed and 109 injured in a Russian missile attack on a Kramatorsk train station used to evacuate civilians. The incident has hastened a concerted effort across Europe to expel Russian diplomats and impose new sanctions. Russia denies the atrocities committed and accuses Ukraine and the West of fabricating the allegations. Moscow has not provided any evidence to support its claim that the reports are fictitious.

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6036. This is the number of aggression and war crimes committed by Russian forces in Ukraine since the start of the invasion, according to Ukrainian prosecutors. These crimes include violating the laws and customs of war—which prohibit attacking civilians and civilian infrastructure—, propaganda, and planning, preparing, or waging a war of aggression. The agency said 501 suspects were behind the attack, including ministers, lawmakers, members of the military command, civil servants and Russian law enforcement officials.

Article translated from Forbes US – Author: Jonathan Ponciano

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