More than 150 children have been admitted to the Saint-Parres-aux-Tertres crèche in ten years

Marie-Alix Devaux

JLast Thursday, Ilan and his parents, residents of Saint-Parres-aux-Tertres, smiled during the official speeches given to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Rigolo comme la vie nursery. When Ilan is in his father’s arms, it is only to protect himself from the cold, the only downside of the celebrations, which had everything about a great spring convivial moment, a gathering where it was good, the children’s laughter the conversations to accompany the greatest.

A unique crèche in the Aube

If more than 100 people were present, it is because the celebrations have long been organized between the partners of this structure dedicated to early childhood, namely the Patroclian Municipality, the Leclerc Center, Festilight, the Rigolos Crib as life, with the concert of the CAF and the PMI. For Jérôme Obry, CEO of the Kindergarten Management Company, “We offer modern monitoring adapted to the psychological needs of children by developing research programs specifically on inclusion”.

A structure based on a public-private partnership, creating a space dedicated to goodwill, around a project of social diversity, based on the Universal Solidarity Benefit (PSU) model, in which everyone is rewarded according to their income pays.

Here, Patroclian babies and toddlers learn to grow up alongside the children of employees at the nearby Leclerc center and the Festilight company, which is also just a few steps away. For Laurent Le Hen, President of the company Sipan SAS, who runs the Leclerc Center, “We are delighted to be able to offer this space to our employees and to have been involved since the beginning of the project in Saint-Parres 10 years ago. And in 10 years, more than 150 children have been able to grow up peacefully and thrive here. We are part of a collaborative approach, it is a real enrichment for our employees ».

A statement from Didier Maroilley, director of Festilight, who joined this joint project 9 years ago. “There are many births in the company every year. We needed to provide adequate child care solutions by creating a global environment to welcome talent ».

The mayor of the city, Jack Hirtizig, reminds us of this “The origin of the project was to offer a crèche that would meet the needs of the Patroclians and, in the spirit of modernity, we have tried to create a partnership modeled on company crèches in the Paris region. Today it is a real joy and satisfaction to find these families who have been able to look after the well-being of their children..

On Thursday evening in Saint-Parres, the children played, the adults laughed, without masks, there was a festive atmosphere, a return to normal life, far from health restrictions.

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