Montpellier: father of premature twins, committed to neonatology

Luc Thiphineau is the new local representative of SOS Préma, an association that accompanies parents of premature babies and collaborates with carers in favor of neonatology. In June he will participate in the Hero Race to raise funds.

Supporting the neonatology department of the CHU Arnaud-de-Villeneuve and accompanying the parents of premature babies is the cause to which Luc Thiphineau is committed. This young dad and his companion are the parents of Anna and Nathan, twins who were born in 2020 at 7 months of pregnancy. The babies stayed in the hospital for a month and a half. A “test” that prompted this resident of Saint-Mathieu-de-Trviers to mobilize.

Support for parents and caregivers

On June 12th, in Bordeaux, he will put on his sneakers to take part in the race of heroes, raising funds for the resuscitation and intensive care services of the Arnaud-de-Villeneuve neonatology unit (equipment, adaptation of premises, gifts to families) and Supervisor). An online fundraiser is open to collect donations

. In addition, Luc Thiphineau will be the local representative of the SOS Préma association. He intervenes almost weekly in the neonatology department of the CHU, with parents and caregivers.

“Parenting a child born prematurely is a psychological ordeal. Without experiencing it, no one can understand what it means when a baby is in cardiac arrest. It marks a life. Mother feels guilty,” testifies the father. “At birth, Nathan and Anna were on the verge of extreme preterm birth. Nathan weighed 1 kg at 36 cm and Anna weighed 1.5 kg at 38 cm.” The babies will be placed in intensive care before completing their hospitalization at home. “Premature babies can experience cardiac, respiratory and neurological failures. Anna and Nathan had respiratory and heart problems, but everything was going in the right direction and there were no consequences.”

The situation is no less difficult. “We discovered our role as parents in the face of jingling machines and wires everywhere. In the corridor of the CHU you can hear carts with babies driving by, nurses running…” Luc Thiphineau praises the work of the nurses: “The medical teams were exceptional.”

“We worry at the slightest sign”

Paradoxically, he and his companion suffered the blow after the critical period. “A kind of depression,” says the dad. “Even today, we worry at the slightest sign, like bronchiolitis. We tell ourselves it’s coming.” The trauma is still there: “When I ring the doorbell at the daycare center to pick up my children, it reminds me of the hospital.” Helping parents is one of SOS Préma’s vocations, with a dedicated psychologist listening to them.

Through the newborn charter, the association defends, among other things, the principle of “zero separation” between the baby and the parents during the hospital stay. “It has been shown to be a factor in the good development of the baby,” emphasizes Luc Thiphineau.

SOS Préma actions

“In France, a premature baby is born every 8 minutes,” recalls Luc Thiphineau. “The neotalogy department of the CHU Arnaud-de-Villeneuve is a reference at the regional level. It offers space for around twenty children. Some may weigh less than 500 g at birth.” The association listens, advises and discusses with the parents. It works with caregivers through focus groups and research projects, and participates in the development of best practice recommendations. Finally, it raises the awareness of the authorities. We owe her the extension of maternity leave for mothers of premature babies and the special paternity leave and admission of the child in the event of hospitalization of the newborn.

Online kitty: SOS Préma: Luc Thiphineau on 06 75 61 67 71 or by email: Facebook page: SOS Préma-Montpellier.

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