Moment driver who killed baby after crashing car into his stroller on newborn’s first walk runs after crash – Reuters

This is the terrifying moment when a hitman driver fled his car after ramming an 18-day-old baby in a stroller on his first ever outing.

James Paul Davis, 35, uninsured, was driving twice as fast as 30mph when he met Ciaran Leigh Morris on his very first outing.

James Davis could be seen fleeing the scene after hitting Baby Ciaran1 credit
He could be seen turning onto the sidewalk as the family walked down the street
He could be seen turning onto the sidewalk as the family walked down the street1 credit
Ciaran was hospitalized but unfortunately could not be saved
Ciaran was hospitalized but unfortunately could not be saved

Papa Camaron Morris was heard yelling “You just killed my son” as the pram was nailed against the wall of a shop.

He and partner Codie Holyman also shouted “Baby, Baby” as the horror unfolded.

Shocking footage shows Davis fleeing the BMW shortly after the fatal accident in Walsall, West Mids.

He later told a passer-by that he had “killed a baby” and was “coming down for a long time”.

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CCTV also shows Davis from the fright tearing up the streets in the white BMW before losing control and crashing into an oncoming car.

Then, on Easter Sunday last year, he ran up the curb and rammed Baby Ciaran.

Heartbreaking footage was released by police today after Davis was jailed for six and a half years for causing death by dangerous driving.

Ciaran’s family was relieved when the verdict was announced after just two hours and six minutes of deliberation.

After the verdict, his parents said: “Ciaran, our precious little boy, was so loved in the short time he was with us.

“The unexpected and sudden circumstances of the loss of Ciaran have caused great pain and our lives will never be the same without him. »

Wolverhampton Crown Court heard Davis call police after the accident and said he fainted behind the wheel after suffering a cough.

Witness Dean Athersmith told the court how he also overheard Davis calling his girlfriend after the Easter Sunday crash last year.

He said: ” [Davis] said: “I just ran someone over, I have to call my wife, I’m going under for a long time.”

“I didn’t give him my phone but I put the phone number in my phone. The number just rang, then he tried again and a woman answered.

“He said to her, ‘I’m so sorry I ran over a baby, I killed him, please take care of my baby,’ which made me think he had a child.

“When he hung up, I asked him why he left the place, he replied, ‘They’re after me.’

“It was like he wanted me to stay with him but I told him I had to go and he ran off. »


Davis was arrested at his girlfriend’s house because he “wanted to see my baby before he left.”

He said to a police officer: “A baby, holy shit. I’m sorry baby. I passed out, I was doing 20 miles an hour. »

Bodycam footage played to the jury showed him telling officers he “did not intentionally kill anyone.”

James Curtis, QC, Prosecutor, said the driver was “in tip top shape, heavily built and clear enough to make up an excuse”.

Tests showed he had cannabis in his system, but it was below the legal limit, sources said.

Ciaran was hospitalized but died hours later from head and body injuries.

Mum Codie suffered a broken collarbone and an injured foot in the accident and has constant back pain, jurors heard.

Davis, of Bloxwich, West Mids, denied causing the death by dangerous driving, causing the death while uninsured and causing the death by reckless driving.

Detective Sergeant Julie Lyman of our Serious Collision Investigation Unit said: “The death of baby Ciaran has shocked the community and rallied support for her young parents.

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“Her grief at one of the happiest times of her life is unimaginable and Davis’ conviction cannot make up for her loss.

“Our thoughts remain with them and their families. »

The driver told a passer-by
The driver told a passerby he ‘killed a baby’1 credit
Davis was imprisoned for six and a half years
Davis was imprisoned for six and a half years
Ciaran's stroller was stuck to a wall
Ciaran’s stroller was stuck to a wall1 credit

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