Mom locks 14-month-old baby in car and sets it on fire, but baby survives

How did this mother come about? What reason could lead her to make such a gesture to her child? The terrifying story that the Objeko team will tell you will probably send shivers down your spine. Sensitive souls abstain…

The mother and her inexplicable gesture

This is an absolutely horrifying story brought to you by the Objeko editorial team. Especially since there is no explanation for this at the moment. The facts happened in Elgin, South Carolina, USA. Caylin Watson, a 23-year-old mother, took advantage of a beautiful sunny Sunday to get in the car with her 1-year-old son Kairon.

For reasons that are still unknown to this day, the young mother stopped on the hard shoulder while driving on the freeway. She then got out of her vehicle and locked it behind her. Her son Kairon was still inside. Then she did the unthinkable. Caylin Watson intentionally set fire to his vehicle, leaving his son inside. The mother then abandoned the vehicle.

4 witnesses saw that the vehicle was on fire and intervened. It was with great horror that they discovered 1-year-old Kairon trapped in the vehicle. However, they managed to free the child from the burning vehicle and save his life. The emergency services quickly intervened and an investigation was launched to locate the mother and determine what had happened that day.

The baby in serious condition

Little Kairon was very lucky. Without the intervention of his 4 brave humans who happened to be there, the 1 year old boy would never have survived the terrible fire. Especially since her mother locked her up and completely prevented her from going out alone…

Despite his luck, the little boy still suffered very serious injuries. He was hospitalized in critical condition in the burns unit. Fortunately, the vital prognosis has not been discontinued. Kairon survived with numerous second and third degree burns.

The mother, Caylin Watson, was arrested and detained by police. She admitted to deliberately setting her vehicle on fire, supporting the hypotheses of the scientific investigators. However, she never explained her gesture, which is still mysterious to this day, which sends shivers down my spine.

The wonder boy

Little Kairon was apparently separated from his mother. Her father takes care of her. More than 6 months after the incidents, he is beginning to recover from his injuries. Despite multiple operations, however, he will remain marked for life. His feet and hands are badly affected. However, the little boy shows an unfailing strength of character, as his father, Steven Bramsen, said: “Now he is just finishing his recovery. He’s wearing his compression sleeves and has to deal with the scarring,” said Bramsen. “The scar on one of her feet and hands has gotten so big that she’s actually starting to tie her toes and fingers together. He has good morals, I just think he knows he’s not going to be like everyone else.

However, the hardest part is yet to come. Indeed, little Kairon’s father will have to explain his mother’s terrible gesture to him: “He knows what his mother did to him,” explained Steven Bramsen. “It’s something I have to deal with and something he has to deal with for most of his life. »

The fired mother, the angry father

Unfortunately for Steven Bramsen, the rest won’t be for now. In fact, despite being in custody, little Kairon’s mother was released on bail. The $100,000 has been paid leaving Caylin Watson free to move about. For the little boy’s father, this decision is unsustainable: “It’s quite disturbing that someone could do something like this to their child and be released into the world,” said Bramsen. “I have to worry about my safety, let alone his safety,” he continued. “Will someone come to my house in the middle of the night or take revenge for what was left unfinished? “.

At the moment, Kairon’s mother is awaiting trial. The Objeko editorial team will keep you informed of developments on this very sad matter.

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