Mom for the third time, but who is her husband?

Vitaa announces the birth of her daughter on Instagram. Find out his first name.

Vitaa, whose real name is Charlotte Bendaoud, is a French-speaking singer. The interpreter, who is already a mother of two little boys, gives birth to a little girl for this time

The couple is very discreet, they stay away from the limelight. She posted a photo of herself in the maternity ward with her daughter in her arms on Instagram.

A Throbbing Pregnancy by Vitaa

Vitaa was pregnant at the same time as amel bent, who was also expecting her third child. The two singers have been very close for several years. It was a pleasure for them to share the moment of pregnancy together. Especially since it’s not every day that fans can enjoy such a moment.

Unfortunately for Vitaa, she was affected by Covid-19 during her pregnancy. The virus has not trampled on the singer’s health. We later find her in super good health as she hits the gym. She also went skiing with her family.

During her pregnancy, Vitaa was very active. She posts a photo of herself with a stomach in sports clothes. “Here I am in my last trimester of pregnancy and I really wanted to share with you my gentle exercise routine that has stayed with me throughout my pregnancy and makes me feel so much better every day.”she wrote in the caption.

In December 2021, CV went skiing with her husband and children. The night confession performer posted several photos of them on the snowy slopes. On December 24, 2021, she posted a photo of her baby bump for the first time. It was like a gift to his community.

a happy wife and mother

Being very discreet, we don’t really know Vitaa’s husband. You were seen first February 1st at the Parc des Princes to support PSG. Following the revelations made by Vita in the columns of Gala in 2017 Hicham Bendaoud was 30 when she met him. At that time she was only 25 years old. Vitaa fell madly in love with him because he was able to ease the young singer’s torment.

In 2014 she spoke up the Must Celebrities program on M6 that her husband had rescued her from a past that was difficult for her. She said her husband is calm and confident, which is the complete opposite of her. She confessed that she was an anxious person. According to Vitaa, she is happy to be with him.

When Vitaa met Hicham, he was already divorced. Her husband already had children with his ex, but that didn’t stop her. CV to love him. She admits that her husband is charismatic. The two lovebirds married in 2010 and gave birth to their first child in 2011.

On July 24, 2011 the best friend of diameter gives birth to her first named boy Adam. lham, their second child was born on October 24, 2014. The two little ones will have their little sister in April 2022. We can say that CV is a fulfilled woman because she has a supportive husband and three beautiful children.

Vitaa gives birth to a baby girl

The singer of the tubes A fleur de toi and Avant toi, who has been married for 12 years, announced her pregnancy on social networks after completing her tour versus Tour with Slimane. On December 18, 2021, CV felt great relief after announcing his big news to his fans. With tears in her eyes, she added: “I’m very happy to announce it to you (…) I’ve been waiting for this for so long! »

CV became a mother for the third time on April 10, 2022. She gave birth to a little girl who brought her the greatest happiness. “In love with my daughter,” she wrote in the caption. In his post on Instagram, Vitaa reveals the name of his daughter Who Noah. Such a sweet and beautiful name. “Praise you, Lord, that you have once again showered me with the most beautiful of your creatures. May you protect our doll from this lower world and imbue her with your benefits…” she wrote. Vitaa was overwhelmed with happiness.

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