Mom didn’t know she was pregnant until she saw the baby’s arm in the toilet bowl

Lalen Malik is 23 years old and is doing his Masters in International Relations. On March 26, the young woman was taken by her family to the emergency room at Northwick Park Hospital in London because of severe abdominal pain, the PA news agency reports. While waiting to be examined, she goes to the bathroom, thinking that her cramps are due to constipation. But on the other side of the door, his mother Sumra had one “Intuition”. When she heard her daughter crying in pain, she knew the problem was more serious, so she pressed 911 to call the medical team.

She gives birth in the toilet

Meanwhile, Lalen is about to flush when she sees something very unusual: a baby’s arm hanging over the toilet bowl. Then she realizes what is happening: she is giving birth! As they wait for the doctors to arrive, panic reigns. The young woman fears for her life and that of her child. “I was gone. My mind was empty. They put me in a room because I was obviously crying and my mother was crying too. It was a shock and trauma to both of us.”she remembers.

When the baby is born, it doesn’t breathe. Doctors said he looked “without life” and therefore began the process of resuscitating him. The maneuvers work and the little boy named Ibrahim lets out his first cry. “Luckily we caught it in time. I’ve never seen a baby born under such circumstances. I’ve seen young women like Lalen come into the ER without knowing they were pregnant and end up giving birth on the ward. but it was always done in a safer way, it was on a bed or it was slower, so we noticed they were giving birth before the baby was born.says dr Ewa Grocholski, who helped save the baby’s life.

She took the pill

Lalen Malik is very happy about a baby “Wonder”, just like her husband. He was abroad at the time of the birth and he was just as shocked as she was when he heard the news over the phone. But the young mother cannot escape her family doctor, who did not consider the possibility of a pregnancy. “If I had known I was pregnant, I would have cherished those moments”She says.

She herself had no idea she was expecting a child, having been on the pill until last January. In the months leading up to her delivery, she made several visits to her GP for various things, including weight gain and shortness of breath. At the beginning of March she will be consulted and a blood test will be carried out to find out the origin of her symptoms. Unfortunately, this one failed due to technical issues and the company told him to come back “three to six months later”if she still had the same symptoms. Two weeks later she gave birth to her son Ibrahim… “It’s a blessing and I’m lucky to have a baby”confides in Lalen, determined to resume her studies at the start of the next school year.

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