moissac A Ukrainian family is looking for a roof for their dog

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An animal shelter in Moissac got a dog like no other… Arriving straight from Ukraine with her family, she is now looking for a friendly home until her master can pick her up.

When we talk a lot and rightly about the reception of war refugees in Ukraine, we seldom think about their pets, which they often take with them when they are not forced to leave them on the spot. But they too must be taken care of… Michèle Fleta, president of the association “Les Oubliés de Saint Béart”, was therefore contacted by the departmental services to welcome the dog Léa.

This bitch arrived in France after a long journey by car with her Ukrainian masters. Unfortunately, owners temporarily housed in Moissac cannot keep their pets with them.

A very strict health protocol

Pending better accommodation for Léa, the family has therefore entrusted this adorable dog to the Castelsarrasin-Moissac shelter since March 10th. Totally isolated from other dogs, Léa is lucky enough to live in a large enclosure. Led and pampered by the entire Sanctuary team of volunteers, she wisely awaits to find her masters. Hoping, of course, that they will quickly find a place to welcome her, because the bitch is very attached to her master and you too.

In the meantime, the shelter is looking for a pet-free foster family who will agree to keep Léa for as long as necessary. Another way to support this family who had to flee their country. In fact, the dog must follow a strict protocol to avoid any health risk: complete isolation, three health visits a month apart and a fourth visit 6 months apart.

A duty of solidarity

Faithful to its values, the association “Les Oubliés de Saint Béart” has not hesitated to support Léa and does not stop there. She actually responded to Lisa Fernandez, President of Animal Shelter 3 Turkeys, by donating medicine, crates and food to animals in Ukraine.

“To come to the aid of all these people who are fleeing the war and to open our refuge to Léa is not only our mission but also our duty. We will never close our eyes to misery and chaos,” says Michèle Fléta.

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72 refugees in Tarn et Garonne

The prefecture has actually registered the arrival of 12 families, or 42 people, in the department by March 23. Since then, seven new refugee families arrived in the ‘hamlets of the lakes’ in Monclar de Quercy last week.

All have applied for a temporary residence permit for 6 months, renewable. So far, 72 applications for residence permits have been submitted; 35 were validated by the prefecture as of March 30. More arrivals are expected shortly.

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